Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


9. Hairstyles can really change someone

Ok so I know it has been a while but I did some soul searching and I think I have a plan for this story. Just tell me how it goes.

                Hannah and Andy were driving around town with Andy at the wheel. “Andy, tell me something.” Hannah asked leaning back in her seat with her feet hanging out the window. “Yes my dear?” “How in the hell did I let you drive my Baby?” Andy laughed and said, “Well, you were looking for something when we were back at the house so I took the keys and slid into the driver’s seat.” Andy gave her a very toothy smile. Hannah raised her eyebrow at him and gave him a half smile. Evil glittered in her eyes as she shrugged and fell back against her seat. They sat in silence and soon Hannah closed her eyes, soaking in the UV rays.

Their last days of school were coming up fast and so was Hannah’s birthday.  Nikki and the gang, minus Hannah, planned an entire day while taking turns distracting Hannah. Hannah, being totally clueless and slow, didn’t catch on to anything.

It was Andy’s turn to distract Hannah so he took her out and they have been driving ever since. Hannah flinched in her seat. She kept moving, trying to find a comfy spot but it just wasn’t happening. Hannah looked over at Andy and pouted. Andy smiled and petted her on the head. She scowled at him and he laughed. “The next person, who pets me, loses their hand.” Hannah scolded. She went back to pouty and Andy sighed. “Can we do something?” Andy laughed “I’m valuing the moments that I’m driving this car. This might be the last time I ever drive this thing.” Hannah laughed and said “You are very correct. Value these moments.” They sat in silence for a couple seconds when Hannah shouted “OK moment’s over! Let’s go shopping!” Andy winked at her and headed to the nearest mall.

Hannah was in one of her good moods so she knew this day would be good. Hannah dragged Andy around and jumped on his back. “Ride my tattooed steed! Hot Topic awaits us!” People gave them annoyed looks as they raced through the mall looking for their favourite store.  Andy took Hannah over to the shirts and held her on his back as she looked. “Side step!” She ordered. Andy laughed and side stepped to the right. She grabbed a shirt and draped it over his head.  “Hey!” Andy yelled jokingly. “Shush.” Hannah said looking around and petted him on the head.

As they walked around the store Hannah continued to give Andy directions and asked him if he wanted anything. Andy walked over the men’s side and looked around through the pile of clothes on top his head. He asked Hannah to grab a couple Asking Alexandria and D.R.U.G.S. t-shirts and a couple belts. She finally came down as they stopped at the cash register. She cash chick looked at them with the biggest smile. Hannah saw something she wanted and went to grab it as the chick scanned their items. “Your girlfriend?” The chick asked. Andy sadly shook his head and watched Hannah look for something. The chick leaned over the counter and said “Hannah and I went to school since we were five years old until I moved here a couple years ago.” Andy looked at her with wide eyes full of interest. She continued, keeping an eye on Hannah “she’s a good girl and you two act like you’re dating. She has gone through heart break after heart break and it would be a damn shame if you broke her. I can tell she’s getting better.” The chick stopped talking as Hannah approached the counter. Andy gave her a confused look as her last words went through his head.

Hannah looked at the girl and squealed. The few people that were in the store turned their heads as Hannah yelled “Emily?!” The cash chick smiled and nodded and walked around the counter to see her friend. They embraced and jumped on the spot like two fangirls seeing their idols. Hannah and Emily got chatting as Emily finished scanning the items and as they left Emily gave Andy one last look that seemed to say ‘Do something before it’s too late.’ Andy nodded at her and they walked out of the store and went to the food court.

They sat down at a table and Hannah whined “I’m starving so therefore I’m going to pig out and therefore you are pigging out with me.” Andy laughed as Hannah went around to different shops and stopping by their table dropping off food. She got everything from Chinese to New York Style Poutine. As Hannah ran around Andy and Nikki were texting, figuring out any last details. Hannah finally sat down out of breath. They both pigged out and they packed up the extra food for the boys and Nikki. Hannah went to the bathroom while Andy stood outside like a guy creeping out the ladies washroom.

Hannah was fixing her eyeliner when all the people in the world, three well known people Hannah knew came out of the bathroom stalls. Tish and her two dumb blonds, Taylor and Paige went on either side of Hannah and they got really close. Hannah looked at them and tried to ignore them but Tish kept bumping into her. She took deep breaths and counted to 25 in her head. She turned on her heel and tried to walk out but someone grabbed her hair and shoved her into the sinks. “Oh Hannah. Let’s just see if anyone fucks you after we give you our make-over.” Hannah’s heart pounded in her chest. Paige pulled out some scissors and they all crept towards her. Tish smirked at her as she tried to run but these girls were stronger than they looked. Taylor bounced Hannah’s face of the edge of the counter and blood spilled down Hannah’s face. Someone grabbed her by the hair and felt it being cut from her skull. She tried to scream out to Andy but someone slapped her. She tried to make any sound but they stopped her by shoving the cut hair in her mouth. Tears streamed down her face and they stood over her. Hannah folded herself in and hair was everywhere. Her long black hair had almost reached her mid back but now was a clumpy and fell around her in chunks.

They left her crying and bleeding. She heard someone come in and picked her head up. Her vision blurred from the tears and the ringing in her eyes didn’t allow her to hear anything. The person draped a sweater around her and pulled the hood up over her head. Someone picked her up and walked out of the mall and to her car. She sat in the passenger seat, tears still free flowing down her face but didn’t make a sound.

Andy raced home and went inside to get Nikki. She was sitting with Jake and Jinxx in the kitchen when Andy ran inside and whispered something in her ear. Her face paled and eyes grew wide. Her and Andy left and Andy lead her to Hannah, who was just stareing of into space. Nikki slowly walked over and opened her door. Andy stood a couple feet back so he couldn’t hear anything Nikki was saying to Hannah.

Guilt scrapped inside him and he tried to hold back tears. Jake and Jinxx came out and stood by Andy, watching Nikki and Hannah. They watched Nikki coax her out of the car and guided her into the house. As they walked past Jake and Jinxx’s mouths dropped. Nikki glared at them. Her eyeliner had run down her face and hair poked out from everywhere.

They grabbed the stuff from the back seat and followed the girls inside. Nikki took her straight to the bathroom and locked the door. They all stood around the kitchen island as Ashley and CC came home. They all saw the grim looks on their faces and noticed Hannah and Nikki were missing. Before either of them could open their mouths Andy explained what had happened. Just as he finished the story Nikki came out and saw Ashley. She went over to him and grabbed his hand and led him to the bathroom and locked the door again. Andy looked so guilty and Jake noticed he was on the edge. Jake patted him on the back and said “Dude, it’s not your fault. Those stupid bitches had it out for Hannah ever since she got here.” Andy looked over at his friend and shook his head “If only I could have stood up for her and stopped these attacks.”

After a couple minutes Nikki and Ash came out of the bathroom with smiles on their faces. The rest of the gang gave them confused looks giving the events that had happened. Nikki rolled her eyes and opened the bathroom door and shoved someone out. Andy’s jaw dropped to the floor and what he saw. Hannah’s nightmare of hair was now chopped short. It ended just as it reached her shoulders and the front had been so bad she got bangs. Her hair now framed her face beautifully as she hid behind Nikki. Ash rubbed her back and whispered something into her ear. She giggled and stepped out for behind Nikki.

A smile grew on her face and yelled “WHAT’S UP BITCHES?” CC’s face glowed. “HEY. HEY HANNAH. YOU’RE FUCKING SPECIAL AND THAT’S WHY WE LOVE YOU.” Hannah laughed and held up three fingers. “Read between the lines.” They all laughed except Andy. Hannah squinted at him and skipped and stood in front of him. Her hair bounced around her face as she moved. Andy looked down at her and was about to say something when she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Don’t you ever blame yourself for my shit. It’s not your fault and it never will be. It’s one of the things that I love about you.” Hannah jumped down and skipped to CC to have another loud conversation.

‘She said that she loved me….right?’


Yes!!!! I did it!!!! I wrote another chapter and I really like this one. It really sets the mood and mystery. I hope you like where things are going and tbh I don’t even know where this story is going. Maybe it’s going to tour. Maybe. Maybe not? Who the fuck knows. I’m sure as hell I don’t. peace out bitches.

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