Passion x3


1. prologue

Passion x3 (2013) © epicamer2001

Don't be a copy cat, just give it a try would ya? Please don't take/use unless given permission and give me credits. I worked very hard and I wouldn't like someone stealing all the hard work. (:


Three men stand before me. My heart is beating louder and louder, faster and faster by the second. One man stands hands attached to his waists and a angered face. Another, crossing his arms and the veins in his eyes were bloody red. The last, which terrified me the most, was standing with fists tightened as if he's ready to punch someone in the gut, really badly. His neck, arm, and hand veins were clearly visible. His green orbs were red and some what teary.

I was just standing there, in front of them like a guilty child. I was wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, and some really worn out Converse. As bad as my fashion, my hair was just plainly down; not straight nor curly. Even my makeup was poor. Mainly due to the constant tearing. I am such a hot mess.

After five long minutes of completely dead silence someone decided to speak.

"Hazel," Harry grabbed my arm. "You know who you want, you want me, only me." He spoke in his deep raspy voice.

The words developed. I waved my arm to loosen Harry's grip and soon let go. Luckily my plan worked. "To be honest, I don't know who I want, and if I soon choose, I know it wounldn't be any of you." I replied. Harry's face wasn't far from mine. As I watched him carefully, his teeth clenched and he tensed up, from head to toe. I was terrified. The Harry in front of me was never a Harry I remember. To be honest Harry and I had a long past together, and I know him inside and out.

Harry got closer and closer about to lean for a kiss.

"Don't you-" Kendall scoffed and ran towards Harry. Then Daniel followed. Soon Harry, Kendall, and Daniel were on the floor tackling each other. I got really scared. To say the truth, they were beating the shit out of each other.

"Guys!!! You don't have to do this!!!"

And that's when I woke up.

"Woah, what just happened?" I asked myself.

I also asked myself another question. "Who's Harry?"


(A/N: aha, so yea, this is my first chapter. hope ya like it! If you did don't for get to like, vote, & comment. Please give feedback! ily)

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