Kyro Academy

Kyro Academy has many students; alchemists,Bards,Sages,Gunners,Warriors,Ninja,Knights,Scholars. Even no human students! Join a group of unlikely friends a they figure out the secrets of this Mystical School.


1. Grace Harlott

I sat silently as I rode the horse carriage driven by my father. We we're headed to my new school, Geacuyya Academy. I didn't want to leave my 'normal' friends to hang out with a bunch of 'freaks'. "We are almost there Grace my dear." My father said to me. I looked at the forest as we passed by." Oh." I responded somewhat coldly. My heart ached when I saw the saddened look on his face. It was about half an hour before we arrived at the gates of the humongous castle. There was a tall wrinkled woman, Two large trolls and a small gremlin standing there waiting for us. My Father slowed to a stop, and hopped off the carriage. "Good Evening, Mistress Hammond."He said curtly while kissing the back of her hand. I cringed at the sight. "This is Grace." My father said as he reached for my hand to help me from the carriage.


I jumped down, ignoring his assistance. The woman looked at me,there was a strange glint in her eyes. "Hello Grace." She smiled, her voice was silky smooth. " I will your headmaster this year." She said. I looked at the little gremlin at her side. He wore reading glasses and was currently writing something down. "Well, I must be going." My father said to me. "It won't be the same at the bakery without my daughter." He said with a small smile. I looked a the ground, He frowned a little more before handing one of the trolls my luggage. " I will miss you my sweet." He said to me as he got in the carriage once more. " Goodbye." I said looking into his eyes. "I love you." He added before riding off into the night.


Mistress Hammond cleared her throat loudly. I turned to the 'people' my father had left me to. " Come along child,you need some rest,. Classes start day after tomorrow." She said as she hurriedly walked up the cobblestone path towards the school, the trolls and gremlin close behind. ' This is not what I had in mind for school.' I thought as we entered the huge doors to the Building.

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