Love That Lasts

Sara was hanging out with her best friends and they were all getting ready for the One Direction concert! They get to sit in the front row! What will happen at the concert? Will it be good or bad? I dont know so lets find out!


7. Chapter 2

~Brittlyn's P.O.V~

Well Sara is gone. I can't believe she had to leave. I want her to come back. The only good thing about her moving to England is that she is closer to One Direction. Right after she left I was texting Sara the whole time but then she stopped replying to me. I got a little worried but then I started thinking that she couldn't text when she takes off or lands and then maybe she is at her new house already. I can't wait to see her again. But seriously, Sara and I have been closest. I don't know why but thats just how it was. I waited for Sara to reply and I felt my phone vibrating and Sara was calling me. I answered and said "Hello Brittlyn speaking!!!!" I laughed and Sara said "Why hello lovely guess what? I haven't been in England for more than 5 min and I already saw someone and we might be hanging out soon." My eyes went wide and I said "Who did you meet already?????" Sara started squealing and yelled "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!!!!!!!!!!" I started jumping up and down screaming. Casandra, Elizabeth, and Kylie looked at me and started yelling "What? Whats going on?" After my squealing fest I said "Did you get a picture?" Sara said "Yes I will send you a picture." I squealed and said "Okay do it now!!!!" "Okay Okay I will bye." Sara said. I squealed even more and hung up the phone and waited for the picture. When I got it I opened it and screamed happily for Sara. I showed the other girls and said "This is who she met after not even being there for more than 5 min." The girls screamed and started jumping up and down. I joined and happy danced around my room. I texted Sara again saying: You guys are so cute!!!! Hopefully you guys could date!!!!!

Sara replied back saying: Thanks!!!! Omg he is texting me!!!! I will talk to you later with all the details about if anything is going to happen.

I replied back saying: Your welcome and Okay!!! Love you girly be safe and see you soon.

Sara replied: Love you too and I will try but definitely see you soon.

I laid down on my bed and turned tv on and the girls and I just watched movies all night and when morning came we woke up and went to school.

~Sara's P.O.V~

As I was texted Brittlyn about the picture of Louis and I, I got a text from Louis. I smiled and opened the text.

Text Convo:

Louis Boo Bear: Hey beautiful what would you say if I asked you on a date?

Sara Airport Surprise: I would say yes so that I could get to hang out with an amazing guy.

Louis: Sweet! Where do you live?

Sara: 76 Mitchell Street (made up! I really don't know any streets in England)

Louis: Hey thats right next door to my house.

Sara: Hahaha thats funny. I'm new to England so maybe you can show me around.

Louis: Of course I can. But go unpack and I will pick you up around 7:30ish?

Sara: Okay see you then.

End of Convo

When Louis and I stopped texting I screamed and my parents came running up the stairs to get to my room. They ran right into my room and my mom asked "Whats wrong?" I couldn't stop smiling but I said "I have a date with the guy I met at the airport." My mom smiled and said "That is awesome. When is it?" I looked at her and said "Tonight at 7:30!!!!!" My mom smiled and said "Well unpack and I will help you get ready." I smiled and said "Okay Thanks mom." My mom left the room and my dad looked at me and said "Well he better treat my baby girl right or I will beat him up myself." I smiled and hugged my dad and said "Awww I love you daddy." My dad smiled and said "I love you too princess. Finish unpacking." I nodded and went to work on my room. I put the phone up to my ear and said "Hello Sara speaking!!!!" The person on the other line said "Hello Sara, Louis here, I was wondering if you wanted to start heading out for our date soon!!!" I looked at the time and saw it was 7:30. I was shocked it was already 7:30 and said "I totally lost track of time I will be ready to go soon. I just finished unpacking." Louis laughed and said "Okay well Im in your living room talking to your mom and dad." I ran to the stairs and Louis and I hung up and I ran down the stairs and went into the living room. I looked to see my mom and dad on one couch and Louis on the other. I smiled and I looked at my mom and said "Mom, can I borrow you for a few minutes?" Louis looked up at me and smiled. Mom looked at me and said "Of course Hun. Louis it was nice to meet you! Hun lets go!" Before we went upstairs I looked at my dad and said "Daddy be nice." Dad smiled and laughed and Louis smiled. I looked at Louis and said "I will be ready in like 10 minutes." Louis looked at me and said "Okay but nothing to fancy." I nodded and ran up the stairs. I ran to my room and my mom had everything out. I got dressed in a pair of yoga pants and a black tank top and a nice Boston Bruins shirt. My mom did a little make-up and then braided my hair into a fishtail braid. When I was done I looked at the time and it was 7:40. I grabbed a sweatshirt and my phone and went downstairs to see my dad and Louis laughing. My dad looked at me and said "Now thats my daughter showing off her favorite hockey team." I smiled and hugged my dad. My dad looked at Louis and said "Have her home no later than 11:30." I smiled and said "Thanks Daddy." Mom came over and hugged me and she looked at Louis and said "Hurt her in any way your dead." I laughed and Louis smiled and said "Never in a million years." I looked at my parents and said "Bye guys! Love you!!!" Louis and I walked out the door and we walked to his car. We got in and Louis saw the boys come outside. Louis looked at them and said "Where are you guys going?" They looked at Louis and Liam said "We want to meet your pretty new girlfriend." I looked at Louis and smiled. Louis blushed and said "She's not my girlfriend…..yet!!!!" I looked at Louis again and smiled and blushed. Louis smiled and he introduced me to the boys saying "Sara this is Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Josh. Boys this is Sara." I smiled and waved. All five of the boys came up and hugged me. I smiled again and we stood there talking for a few minutes before Louis said "Alright guys we are heading out!!! We will see you later!" Louis opened the car door for me and said "Here you go my lady." I smiled and said "Why thank you fine sir!" When Louis got in the car he started it and we drove to a nice restaurant, nothing too fancy though. We got to the restaurant and Louis parked the car and walked around to let me out. He looked at me and said "Here we are" I laughed and said "Why thank you" We walked in and he asked for a table for two. The waiter who brought us to our table started to pull out my chair and said "For you my lady" Louis walked over and bumped him out of the way and looked at me and said "For you my lady" I laughed and looked Louis and said "Why thank you sir" Louis pushed in my chair and walked around the table and sat down. The waiter came back and he looked at Louis pissed off and then he turned to me and smiled and said "What would you like to drink cutie?" I looked at him then turned to Louis and I said "Why don't we find somewhere else to eat if this guy is going to hit of me all night." Louis nodded and we both got up. I turned to face the waiter, he was so shocked and I flipped him off. Louis laughed and took my hand. We walked back out to the car and we just decided to go to a McDonalds near by. We sat down after we got our food and we just started talking about everything. He is the first person I could open up to other than my friends back home and my family. I hope things can stay like this because this is just amazing. I don't know what I would do if I didn't meet Louis. Things here would probably just be boring like always until my friends got here. I looked at Louis and saw that he was so passionate about everything.

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