From past to present

Meet Kaitie. She moves a lot. When she comes to another new school she becomes popular. Until there was an incident and none wants to be her friend except they most popular girl in school Maddie.
Meet Maddie. She's cool sweet pretty and has always love Kaitie. She doesn't care about the past never has.
But when five boys come to school. Maddie and Kaitie become friends with them. But something bad happens.


8. chapter 8

Kaities p.o.v

A year has gone by and me and Lou are still going out. Maddie and liam are a couple. Zayns met a girl called perrie who was new to school and is now apart of our gang. Life was sweet

But that cutting I used to do. I still do. It's an addiction it makes me happy. No one knows and no one will ever know.

There's just one problem with cutting. It's making me weaker and weaker and I don't know how much longer I'll be alive.

I have to stop but I don't know how. I'm happy I've got friends I've got a boyfriend who I love and live with. So why can't I stop.

I came home after school that day on my own. The others were doing a sports activity so I didn't go. I walked into the bathroom and picked up the blade but stopped myself.

Instead I went in Twitter and saw my wall. People were still saying mean things. After a year they still suing all this. I felt I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I was alone. I was depressed. I was upset.

I quickly got up picked my laptop up and through it against the wall. I locked the door and then walked in the bathroom and locked that door.

I picked up the razor blade and began to cut my wrist forgetting about all the good in my life. I began to cut deeper and deeper.

But this time was different. Cutting wasn't helping take all the depression hurt anger out of me. So I did the same to my other wrist but nothing worked I didn't feel like everthing was out of me.

With all the strength I had opened the put of pills and had them all. I feel to the floor that's all I remember.

Louis's p.o.v

I walked home with the others they all came round to stay the night. I wish kaitie did that club with us.

I went to get changed. The door to my bedroom was locked. Kaitie must've done it be accident I knock on it "kaitie open up" I asked nicely. There's no response. Maybe she's sleeping.

I walked into the room next door and picked the Key up for my room. I opened the door. She was gone. I tried opening the bathroom door but it was looked. I knew something was wrong. I bashed against it to break it down.

I finally did and then right before my eyes she Lay on the floor lifeless. I screamed everyone came running up to what was wrong.

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