From past to present

Meet Kaitie. She moves a lot. When she comes to another new school she becomes popular. Until there was an incident and none wants to be her friend except they most popular girl in school Maddie.
Meet Maddie. She's cool sweet pretty and has always love Kaitie. She doesn't care about the past never has.
But when five boys come to school. Maddie and Kaitie become friends with them. But something bad happens.


26. chapter 26

Louis's p.o.v

I woke up handcuffed and my legs were dangling. This just was creepy. It was a black room with a bit of light and nothing else. Then someone walked in.

"Hello"he said

"Yh Hi umm what do you want?"I said

"Well I just wanted to tell you your wrong she won't be there forever and one day she'll runaway and never come back she won't evan say goodbye"

"Your so wrong I know all about her and she loves me and I love her!"

"Really you really think that do you maybe you should look at these"

He showed me 20 pictures of her with 20 different guys none of which were pictures of us. Looking at them it couldn't help but let the tears roll down.

"See she breaks peoples hearts and your the next victim" then more tears roles down my face"not a strong as you make out are you?"

Then he left the room. I can't believe this maybe she's changed maybe? I don't know right now I just want to die though.

Aww poor Lou😪😪 thankyou for 330 reads😘😘

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