From past to present

Meet Kaitie. She moves a lot. When she comes to another new school she becomes popular. Until there was an incident and none wants to be her friend except they most popular girl in school Maddie.
Meet Maddie. She's cool sweet pretty and has always love Kaitie. She doesn't care about the past never has.
But when five boys come to school. Maddie and Kaitie become friends with them. But something bad happens.


21. chapter 21

I tricked you guys didn't i? You probably thought this was another chapter but it's not. I'm really stuck for ideas and don't know what to do. So I'm gonna do another competition. So here it is...

I want you guys to comment your ideas and i will pick the best the competition ends the 8th August 2014 and starts today the 4th August. So good luck xx

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