From past to present

Meet Kaitie. She moves a lot. When she comes to another new school she becomes popular. Until there was an incident and none wants to be her friend except they most popular girl in school Maddie.
Meet Maddie. She's cool sweet pretty and has always love Kaitie. She doesn't care about the past never has.
But when five boys come to school. Maddie and Kaitie become friends with them. But something bad happens.


15. chapter 15

Kaitie's p.o.v

So we are going on tour which means I'm gonna be ways from Louis. We are having this party but it's not huge just us and the guys chilling round a pool.

I'm sitting on a deck chair while the others splash around.

"Hey c'mon babe come in" louis said

"No thanks" I said

"Please" Lou said doing his pout face it's so cute

"No I'm fine here"

"Fine" he said and went to sulk

He came from behind my chair and picked me up and dunked me in. The chlorine was burning my skin. You see I promised the guys I wouldn't cut no more but I still did.

Although my life was kinda perfect now I couldn't help but remember my past like how I've been in care or on the streets and how I've broken so many peoples hearts. What if I did that to them?

I put my arms up and walked to the edge and got out. I went inside to get changed. When I turned around Zayn was there. SHIT.

"You promised" he said. I acted like I didn't know what he was talking about Evan though I did.

I walked past him and ran upstairs. This can't be happening. Zayn ran after me and grabbed my arm that I cut on.

"Ow" I screamed

"So you haven't stopped have you" he asked

"No" I said looking at my arms

"Why" he asked


Dun dun dun.

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Why has Kaitie continued?

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