From past to present

Meet Kaitie. She moves a lot. When she comes to another new school she becomes popular. Until there was an incident and none wants to be her friend except they most popular girl in school Maddie.
Meet Maddie. She's cool sweet pretty and has always love Kaitie. She doesn't care about the past never has.
But when five boys come to school. Maddie and Kaitie become friends with them. But something bad happens.


13. chapter 13

Louis's p.o.v

The stress of waiting in the waiting room is horrible. The amount of nurses that walk towards you and your hoping one is about kaitie but no.

I hope she lives. We had our whole life planned out. We talked about auditioning for the X factor. Living together. But I never thought this much stress would be in our lifes.

My head was in my hands. I was losing hope by the second. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up. It was a nurse. "We've managed to keep her alive and you can go in now"she said. I got up and said "thank you for everything"I said.

I started to walk to the end of the corridor. But when I saw the big doors at the end. I started to shake in fear. Will she remember what's happend? Will she remember me? Or anyone?

I called Liam to tell him that she's awake and to tell the others that before entering. I reached the door. I took a deep breath. I opened them.

Seeing her face and her smile was the best thing you could see. I ran over to her bed and gave her a massive hug. Just then the doors burst open and everyone ran in. We were all crying. But they were happy tears.

Kaitie's p.o.v

Why are they crying?

Why are they smiling?

Why are the screaming with joy?

Why are they so happy?

Why are they happy to see me?

I mean look at me. I'm some insecure little bitch. With no family. No them but that's it. I tried killing myself and they still want to know me.

I saw Maddie wasn't there.

"Guys wheres Maddie?"I asked

"Oh she's at home she's a bit upset so she didn't come." Liam said

"You have to go home Guys. NOW!!!"I yelled.

Maddie was a sensitive person and has been known to self harm. I can't let everyone go through this much pain again. I got checked out and louis drove us home. We all ran upstairs. But only I went in.

I saw her on the bed. But as soon as she saw me she smiled. I smiled to. Everything was normal. After that day we swore to never forget it but to remember it.

Louis changed my life he made my depression go and my colours clear again. Thank you Lou if only you were there at the beginning

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