Its hate love

Kim had hated Jonah as long as she can remeber but something happends between them when Kim goes this one party and that night changes theirs lifes forever.


2. 2. upside down

As i looked my self at the mirror i screamed. "What had you done to me!" Claire just giggled and said "c'moon girl! You look killer good." She said fixing her hair. "I don't know..." I said. "I look like slut." I said. "No you don't! Now cute the crying and lets go!" She said taking me by my arm. My parents weren't home so they couldn't see how slutty i looked,they wouldn't eveb care they are so busy with everything else than me. I sat on Claires car and she drove to Toms place. "Gosh this is huge!" I said as i looked the huge house in front of me it was full of people and music was loud. "Come on." Claire said and took me by my arm again,really she had to stop doing that. "Everyone is cheking you out." Claire whispered to my ear. "No they aren't." I said. "Bullshit." Claire said as we walked inside the house. "I'm going to get something to want some?" Claire asked. "No thanks."i said. I felt eyes on me and it was disgusting.suddenly music stopped "okay! People everyone to the living room! Its 7seconds at heaven!" Tom yelled. I was already at living room i looked as people sat on the rink and someone pulled my arm Claire. "C'moon she said. "We are in." She said and sat down and pointed me to sit next to her. It was actually fun its been god knows how many turns and its funny to look people getting out the closet with messy hair and lipstick all over. " Jonathan Hill!" Tom yelled. Oh i didnt even notice that the most biggest asshole was here. "And...." Tom said as the bottle moved. Are you fucking kidding me? What did i do to make god hate me so much? " Kimberly West!" Tom yelled as people sheered. Claire looked me with sorry in her eyes. "Mother of god." I said not moving. The ass hole just stared me he was as socked than i was. "Its a game! Now you two get in the closet!" Tom said clapping his hands. Jonah stood up and i looked Claire with "save me!" Look. "Kimberly stand up!" Tom said. "Nooooo." I said but slowly standing up. I felt my self getting pushed in the closet and everything went black i didnt saw a thing. I heard his breathing but i couldnt say was he close or near. This was so horrible. "Look.. We don't have to do anyth-" i got cutted by soft lips on mine. That moment i forgot totally the person who i was kissing i felt he lift me to something was here table? I didnt care,he was between my legs and his arms were around me as i touched his soft hair and he kissed me hungrily. for my own sock i felt something, not just something. Everything. My body was on fire... I couldnt stop even if i wanted to and it was scaring the shit out of me. His tongue danced with mine,first i though he would be drunk but he wasn't,i didn't taste even a drop of alcohol. His lips moved to my neck kissing and sucking it. I was turned on even that it was hard to believe. So was he. We both breathed hard as we kissed each others. I felt him groan in my mouth and it was just too sexy. I moved to his neck not even realising who he was. He moaned deeply as i sucked his neck. "Kim." He groaned and took my head to his hands and crushed his lips agaisnt mine again kissing me hard but this time the kiss was different it was full of need and even feelings like he was trying to save this moment. Was this really Jonathan? The light hit our eyes as we heard people cheering and laughing and wolf whistling. For my horror he was really him. That brown hair of his messier than ever and his shirts three buttons open and his lips were red from kissing me he breathed hard and looked me not evilly like he used to do everytime when he saw me. I couldnt read his look it was hard to think what run i his head right now. I had to say that he was goddam sexy and good kisser and left me for needing more but i was socked the darkness kinda blinded me,im not sure if i could kiss him and look him same time. "Who would have believed this? The enemies strong lust." Tom joked. That woke me up from my thoughs. I walked past the people around me and run to the toilet. I looked my self at the mirror. I was speachless.did i have those feelings towards him? But how? I hated him? Or did i? Then why it felt so good to kiss him? Someone was banging the door. Claire? I opened the door but it wasn't Claire. Jonathan. "What you want?" I snapped. "Came here to laugh?" I asked trying not to cry. "What?why would i laugh?" He asked. I tried to close the door but he was stronger. "I came to see if you were okay?"he said. "Are you okay?" He asked. "How could i be okay?! I just kissed you!" I almost yelled. "But that wasnt that bad?was it?"he asked. Why was he talking to me like this?were was the mean comments? "But you hate me." I said. He looked surprised. "No i dont." He said. "Well then why are you so mean to me all the time. "You dont see it dont ya?" He asked/said. "What?" I asked now i was bit lost. He shook his head and took deep breat. "I like you. I cant get you out of my mind. And thats why i have been acting like total jerk." He said taking step closer to me i took step back not wanting to be close at him,cause i wasnt able to resist himif he was too close. "Bullshit." I said. "No its not." He said looking me seriously. "You are player. Im not like those girls." I said. "No you are not,you are much better." He said. Coming closer. "Stop!no... I wont let you close to me you would hurt me."i said. "Kimberly how could i make you belive that im not kidding." He said looking me. "I wont believe you." I Said. "I will change." He said. I raised my eye brow. "Yeah right." I said. "Im serious kim." He said."i will prove it to you." He said and came closer to me i felt my back hit the wall. "What are you doing." I asked. "What does it look like? He said licking his lips. "Are you afraid?" He asked. "Afraid of what?" I sais trying to sound confident. "That you wont be able to resist me?" He asked leaning closer to my face. "I can resist you." I said. "Mmh hm really?" He asked and closed the last space between us and i couldnt help my self i felt my self kissing him hard and wanting more and he smiled against the kiss and i rolled my eyes. Now when i saw him it was even more impossible to let go. How his green eyes sparkled as we kissed. I was lost.

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