Its hate love

Kim had hated Jonah as long as she can remeber but something happends between them when Kim goes this one party and that night changes theirs lifes forever.


1. the asshole

jonathan Hill is the most biggest asshole in whole world, everytime when i see him it makes me wanna puke.

"Kim?" Claire my best friend said as we walked down schools halls. "Are you coming at Tom's party?" She asked. "Will Jonah be there?" I asked feeling cold shiver went trought my body as i said his name. "Maybe." Claire said. I groaned. "I dont understand you... How can you hate him so much..." Claire said. "Dont start." I said between my teeth. I went to my locker and took my stuff and followed Claire to Classroom. "Hey girls." Jonah's annoying voice said behind us. I didnt even bother to turn. "Kim? Kim?" He said. Again i didn't turn around i just continued my way to my seat as Claire rolled her eyes. "I'm talking to you!are you deaf or something?" He snapped and i turned around raising my eye brow. "Really,whats wrong with you?" He asked. "Can i help you?" I asked with sarcastik tone. "I was just thinking that you would like to know that you have something right here." He said pointing his cheek. "What?" I asked taking my phone from my pocket and using it to mirrow. "Oh i forgot its just your face what is ugly, you can't do anything to it. Sorry my bad." He said meanly. I was used to this. I rolled my eyes and sat down to my chair. "Pst! Jonah?" I said. "Yeah?" He asked looking me with evil grin. "Do you ever wash your teeths?" I asked. "Yeah why?" He asked with smirk. "Well,have you washed it this morning? Your breath kinda stinks. Oh i forgot its just your mouth what is full of shit. Sorry not sorry." I said to him and gave the kindest fake smile. I heard his friends laughing to him and heard him groan "bitch." And i groaned "manwhore." And he said "virgin." And i said "as if," and he said. "So are you telling me you are not virgin." "Nah,my horoschope is fish. Is that even your business?" And i heard his friends laugh to him again. "Bitch." He said. "You are saying like it's bad thing." I looked him and smiled. "Ugh." He said and rolled his eyes. "Try to behave!" Claire hissed. I just rolled my eyes to her nod and said "okay mum." And she just raised her eye brow to me.

I hated Jonah so much, i dont even know where did it start,he has always been asshole to me...but i really couldnt give a shit.after school Claire came over we were going soon to Tom's party and she wanted to pick dress and stuff.

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