The Secret Crush

My first fanfiction story!!
Castiel finds out who has a big secret crush on him.. And how does everyone react?
Dean Winchester and castiel from supernatural!! With different people from the show and other shows And my made up character Marcus Del La Rosa


2. The Kiss

Title:The Kiss


Disclaimer🙋: I don't own anyone or anything besides my character Marcus Del la Rosa!! I wish I owned the others but oh well!!

Author note: If you don't like yaoi don't even bother reading!!! I love lots if couples together!! But only my favorites will be in my stories! Some language and a little bit of slash! But it's not really a story without it! I also wanna know how I did it's my first and ever fanfic story so you can DM on Instagram at redfield_bae_kennedy16!!!!

Summary:Castiel has a crush on Dean Winchester..But does Dean like him back..?? Cas finds out and well he has great friends there to help him! And what does everyone think of them being together?

Chapter 2

Dean was walking towards me."oh man he is coming closer" I thought to myself. I just started to walk normal and play cool."Hey castiel" Dean finally walked up to me."Yes?" I looked at him curious at what he wanted."I hope you don't mind if I walk with you" Dean asked and smiled down at me."I don't mind Dean" I smiled and blushed a little bit."So why did you decide to walk back here with me?" I asked."Well I saw you alone and-" Dean looked at me when i cut him off."So you felt bad because I was alone back here?" I looked down at my feet walking."Well yeah but I also want to get to know you more" Dean smiled at me and I blushed."So I wanted to ask if you were busy tomorrow night?" He asked."Hmm I don't have anything to do tomorrow night so I'm not busy" I smiled at him."Ok so do you want to come over to my house and hang out?" He scratched the back of his head. I could tell he was nervous for some reason."Sure that sounds fun" I looked at him and smiled."Ok so I'll met you tomorrow after school?" He looked at me and I nodded. Dean and I talked about anything that came to mind.

It's been a few hours now and I told Dean that I would see him tomorrow and he smiled and said bye. Sam took all of us back home. I was the last one he dropped off. "Thanks Sammy" I smiled and hugged him."Haha no problem cas" he hugged me back and got in his car. I went inside and I found a note from my parents."Dear son,we won't be home for a couple of weeks.We have a business trip we had to go to.But I left money for you in the drawer and you can have your friends over if you want.We love you castiel" as I read the letter I rolled my eyes."Their never home so what's the difference" I said and went to my room to shower. I got out the shower and changed into my pjs. The rest of the night I watched anime and thought about tomorrow. I ended up falling asleep thinking about Dean and why did he want to get to know me.

I woke up and looked at my alarm clock."Oh crap!" I jumped out of bed and ran to my bathroom. I heard my cellphone go off and I jumped out the shower and ran to my closet."Ahhh" I yelled and a big bang came after that. I ran out my closet and grabbed my phone. It's a text message from Sam.

Sam:Hey I'm outside..

Me:Ok I'm on my way.

Sam:Wake up late again?

Me:Um noo..ok maybe I did.

Sam:Haha okay well we are outside.

Me:Ok be right there

I ran out my house with a bagel in my mouth. I got in sam's car and saw Cody and Rey giggling."What are y'all giggling at" I said putting on my seatbelt and my bagel hanging out my mouth."We are laughing because your late again haha" Cody said. "Yeah with a half eaten bagel hanging out your mouth" Rey said laughing."I stayed up watching The Black Butler, and I fell asleep late haha" I said laughing."Oh now I understand" Sam smirked."Shut up and turn the radio on" I said and pushed Sam a little laughing.We listened to the radio and pulled up in the school parking lot. We all got out and walked to the school building."Well I'll see y'all later" Sam said walking away. "Bye Sam" We all yelled and giggled. I went to my locker and was grabbing my books when someone called my name."Hey castiel" I knew who said it. It was Dean! I looked behind my locker door and saw Dean standing there."Oh hi Dean" I said."What are you doing?" He asked and looked at me."Oh grabbing my books so I can head to class, what are you doing Dean?" I asked although I knew what he was doing."Oh just thought i should ask you if I can walk you to class" He smiled at me. I blushed and nodded my head and we headed off. Everyone was saying "hey Dean" or "Dean what's up". And I thought well he is the quarter back of your school team he is popular. Finally I looked at him and said "Well this is my class Dean" he looked at me and said "ok well I'll see you after school?" Dean looked at me and I nodded. He walked away and I went inside my class. The day seemed to go by soo slow. All I can think of was me in Dean's car and me at his house.

The day ended and I told my friends that I'll see them later. I waited in the parking lot for Dean. It was like 30 minutes and I saw him running towards me."Hey sorry I'm late, practice ran a little late" he looked and me and smiled. "Oh it's ok I didn't mind waiting" I kinda smiled and got in his car. He we driving off and he turned on his radio. Luke Bryan-Play it again came on. That was my favorite song! I turned it up and Dean looked at me. I started singing "she was like oh my god that's my song. I've been listening to the radio all night for it to come on and here it is" Dean looked at me a few times and kept driving. The song ended and I was so shocked I turned it up. And it was his car!! I turned it back down."I'm sorry I didn't mean to turn it up" I sat there with my hands in my lap." Haha it's okay I love that song" Dean smiled at me and I smiled back. We pulled up at his house and we got out and went inside. No one was home, we were alone. I was kinda nervous. We went to the kitchen and made sandwiches and went to the living room."Do you wanna play the xbox with me?" He asked and smiled."Heck yeah" I laughed. We played dead or alive 5 the whole time. We pushed each other playfully and tried to make each other lose."Haha well you sure beat me" Dean put his controller down and laughed."Yeah I'm really good at this game. I have no life ha." I laughed and put the controller down to. When I looked up I saw him looking at me." What is it Dean?" I asked and he leaned forward. My eyes opened wide when I felt his lips on mine. I was so confused but then I kissed him back. He put his hands on my hips and kissed me hard. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. The next thing I know I was on the couch with Dean on top of me. We kissed for what seemed like forever. I finally broke the kiss. I didn't want to but I wanted to know why he kissed me."Dean..why did you kiss me?" I looked up at him blushing."I'm sorry castiel" he said and got off of me and say there. I looked at him confused and smiled."Dean I have something to say" he looked at him and I said "I liked you since middle school.. And I've been wanting you to kiss me like that.." I looked down."Castiel to be honest I've liked you for a long time but I thought you liked Sammy and well I didn't do anything because I was afraid of getting turned down by you" he looked at me."Dean me and Sam are just friends, and I only have wanted you for so long. But I thought you didn't like me because you never noticed me.." I told him and put my hand on his hand."Castiel if I ask you to be my boyfriend will you?" He looked at me and waited till I answered. I nodded and he hugged me and I hugged him back.

Okay well that's the second chapter!! How did I do?? Let me know! Remember no rude comments!

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