The Secret Crush

My first fanfiction story!!
Castiel finds out who has a big secret crush on him.. And how does everyone react?
Dean Winchester and castiel from supernatural!! With different people from the show and other shows And my made up character Marcus Del La Rosa


1. The Beginning

Title:The beginning


Disclaimer🙋: I don't own anyone or anything besides my character Marcus Del la Rosa!! I wish I owned the others but oh well!!

Author note: If you don't like yaoi don't even bother reading!!! I love lots if couples together!! But only my favorites will be in my stories! Some language and a little bit of slash! But it's not really a story without it! I also wanna know how I did it's my first and ever fanfic story so you can DM on Instagram at redfield_bae_kennedy16!!!!

Summary:Castiel has a crush on Dean Winchester..But does Dean like him back..?? Cas finds out and well he has great friends there to help him! And what does everyone think of them being together?

Chapter 1

It was the middle of our high school year as juniors when I noticed him..Tall,light brown hair, green eyes, and a few freckles. I knew who he was but he didn't know me. I was what they call "a nerd" and he was the quarterback on our football team. I'm Castiel Edwards and my best friends are Marcus Del La Rosa, Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio, and Sam Winchester who was Dean's little brother. I have a huge crush on Dean Winchester and well no one really knows... I stare at him way to much and think about him a lot! "Um cas.. " Marcus said waving his hand in my face. "Ohh what... I mean yes.." I looked at him confused. "It's time to go to our next class. Come on!" He pulled me out my chair. We ran our way to our next class. As we ran inside the class we saw Cody and Rey sitting in their seats already. "Well well look who made it just on time" Cody said as he looked at me and Marcus. "Y'all guys were almost late.." Rey said as we sat down in front of them. "Well if miss day dreamer over here will stop day dreaming about his crush we will be on time more often" Marcus gave me a little shove and laughed. "Haha yeah I do day dream a lot" I blushed and looked down at my desk.

The teacher walked around giving us our papers to work on. I looked up when I heard the door open. "Well if it isn't Mr.Dean Winchester.. your late". She handed him a paper. He smirked "Your lucky I even came to class". Dean sat down two rows in front of me. The whole class period I was staring at him. Dreaming of us together. I snapped out of it when I heard the bell ring. "Yay lunch!" Rey jumped up and grabbed mine and Cody's arm and we ran out the room to the lunch room. Marcus walked after us laughing. We got our lunch and sat down at the table and we were joined by John cena who was Rey's boyfriend and Ted dibiase who was Cody's boyfriend and Sam. We sat there talking about the latest games and the new games coming out. "So what are we going to do after school" Sam said and looked at all of us. "Maybe we can like go to the mall" cody said as he was leaning on ted. "That sounds like a plan" I giggled and took a bite of my food.

We heard the bell ring and we all say goodbye and walked to next class. Sam and I had biology next. We walked inside and sat down. "Man I hate biology, it's complex" Sam said. I looked at him "I know what you mean" we liked at each other and laughed. The whole class period Sam and I sat there talking about comics. "No dude superman is way better batman" Sam said and looked at me. "Noooo Sam you are soo wrong! Batman is so awesome!" I looked at him and smiled. The bell rang and it was time to leave school. Sam and I went to the parking lot and waited of the others. I turned around when I heard my name being called out. "Cas!!!" Marcus ran up and hugged me along with Cody and Rey. "Hehe" I laughed and hugged Marcus back. "So are we going to go" Sam looked at all of us and got in his car. "Looks like we are going in Sammy's car" Cody laughed and got in the back seat with Rey and Marcus. I sat in the passenger seat. Sam laughed at us singing and started singing with us. "Cause we are never never getting back together!!" We all sang and laughed as we parked at the mall. We all got out and went inside.

It's been a few hours now and we were all starting to get hungry. "Food court" Rey pointed and we all went to go get something. We sat down and talked and laughed. "Sam." I heard a deep voice say. I turned around and there he was. "Umm Dean what are you doing here?" Sam said. "Mom told me to come check on you, I saw your car and I never you were at the food court" Dean looked at all of us. "Oh well yeah I'm okay" Sam looked at his older brother. Dean looked at me and I tried my hardest not to blush. "Hey I'm Dean, sam's older bro-". "Brother.." I said and smiled "I'm Castiel.. Nice to meet you" I stuck out my hand and smiled. Dean shook my hand and said "Well it's nice to meet you too, Do you mind if I hang out for a bit?" He looked at me and smirked. " I don't mind" I blushed and looked down hoping he didn't see. "Cool" he said and pulled up a chair and sat next to me. The whole time Marcus was looking at me. We got up and decided to do a little shopping. Everyone was walking ahead and Marcus was walking with me. "Soo cas." Marcus said and looked at me. "Um yes?" I turned to look at him. "Do you have a crush on Dean?" He smirked. "Umm...uhh..may-..okay yes I do!" I said and covered my face because I was so red. "Wooo I knew it!" He laughed and shoved me a little. I didn't look up or anything because I was just to red and he would pick on me for that. "Well here he comes to talk to you I'm guessing, so I'll just go with Cody and them up there" he ran up there leaving me alone walking behind and Dean walking toward me.

Okay dokie!! That was the first chaper!! So I wanna know how I did.. Sorry it was kinda long! Um comment and let me know! Please no rude comments!

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