The Secret Crush

My first fanfiction story!!
Castiel finds out who has a big secret crush on him.. And how does everyone react?
Dean Winchester and castiel from supernatural!! With different people from the show and other shows And my made up character Marcus Del La Rosa


4. Sleepover



Disclaimer🙋: I don't own anyone or anything besides my character Marcus Del la Rosa!! I wish I owned the others but oh well!!

Author note: If you don't like yaoi don't even bother reading!!! I love lots if couples together!! But only my favorites will be in my stories! Some language and a little bit of slash! But it's not really a story without it! I also wanna know how I did it's my first and ever fanfic story so you can DM on Instagram at redfield_bae_kennedy16!!!!

Summary:Castiel has a crush on Dean Winchester..But does Dean like him back..?? Cas finds out and well he has great friends there to help him! And what does everyone think of them being together?

Chapter 4

It's only been a day since my parents left on their trip. Saturday morning was going by so slow. I sat in my living room and watched tv. I heard my cell phone ring. Marcus texted me.

Marcus: heyy Cas!!

Me: hi Marcus!! What's up?

Marcus: I had a great idea this morning and I wanted to tell you.

Me: hmm ok tell me.

Marcus: well your parents told you that you can have a sleepover with friends right?

Me: um yeah why?

Marcus: why don't we have a sleepover! Me, you, Cody, Rey, Sam, John, Ted, Randy, Miz, and Dean!! It will be fun!

Me: okay yeah it will be fun!!

Marcus: great I'll be over in a few.

Me: okay and you can come in the door is open lol

Marcus: of course haha

"Hmm a sleepover with everyone here, all our friends and my boyfriend." I said out loud and smiled. With our new friends Randy and Miz, by the way they are together. I heard the door open and Marcus came in with some stuff. "Hey lazy butt" he said laughing. "Hehe hi" I said with a blanket wrapped around me and laying on the couch. I sat up and Marcus went up stairs to put his stuff in my room. "So let's get dressed and go get something to eat?" He asked coming down. "Um sure and we can have everyone meet us there so we can talk about the sleepover?" I smiled at Marcus and he nodded. We ran up stairs to my room and we played music really loud and started getting ready. I wore a milky pink spaghetti strap and some demi shorts and pink converses and a pink bow in my hair with glitter eyeshadow and mascara and lip gloss. Marcus wore a dark green crop shirt with black dressy shorts and dark green high heels with a dark green and black bobby pin in his hair and dark green eyeshadow and black eyeliner and mascara and lip gloss. We went down stairs and I turned everything off and grabbed my car keys. We went to the mall and walked around shopping for some stuff till it was lunch.

We left the mall and went to Applebee's. We called everyone and told them to meet us there. We pulled in the parking lot and saw Cody's car and Randy's and Dean's. We parked next to Dean and got out so did everyone else."Hey baby" Dean smiled and kissed me."Hi" I blushed when he kissed me." Come on love birds" Sam laughed and started going inside. We followed him." Hi welcome to Applebee's how many?" The lady asked."Um 10" I said."Okay follow me please" she sat us down and we told her our drinks. We looked at the menus."So me and Cas had a great idea" Marcus said looking at his menu."What was it" Cody asked."Well since my parents are out on a business trip, I can have a sleepover. So I was wanting to know if y'all wanted to come over and stay a few nights with me?" I said looking around at them."I'm down" Dean put his arm around me and smiled."Me 2" Sam said."Ted and I are okay with it" Cody said."Yeah it sounds cool me and Rey are up to it" John said putting his hand on Rey's."Um sure why not" Miz said and Randy nodded.

Everyone went home to get their stuff for our 2 day sleepover. Me and Marcus went back to my house and got everything ready. Someone knock on my front door and I ran to answer it. "Hiiiii!!!" Cody laughed holding Ted's hand and walking inside."Oh hi Cody and Ted" I said and smiled. Cody went up stairs to put his stuff up and Ted sat on the couch. We still needed Sam,Dean,Randy, and Miz. It was 30 minutes and I heard someone knocking. Sam and Dean walked in with Randy and Miz. "Haha so let's party!" Randy said throwing his hands in the air. "Yeah what Randy said" Cody laughed jumping up and down holding ted's arm. "Okay hehe" I said and turned on the radio. Everyone was dancing and singing along with the songs that came on. Everyone but Dean. I walked over to ask him what was wrong and he looked at me and shook his head that it was nothing. I grabbed his hand and made him get up and dance with me. "Um Cas I can't dance.." Dean said trying to sit back down. "Dean it's okay no one is paying attention" I told him hugging his arm. He looked around and laughed a bit when he saw everyone dancing and laughing and not caring what they danced like. He got up and started dancing with me.

It was around 8 when we started getting hungry. "I'll order pizza" I said walking to the kitchen and Dean walking after me. I picked up the phone and called Pizza Hut and ordered out pizzas. I turned around to find Dean looking at me. "Oh Dean you scared me, are you okay?" I asked walking to him. "Yeah I'm fine baby." He said smiling. Dean and I sat at the table and it was just pure quite. You can still hear everyone talking and laughing in the living room but for some reason we weren't talking. I sat there wondering what was wrong with him. "Dean.." I said looking at him. "Yes baby?" He turned and looked at me. "Are you okay?" I said putting my hand on his. He looked at me and leaned closer. "I just don't know how to act when I'm with you. You make me feel different but in a good way. I want to be with you for a long time Castiel." Dean looked at me holding my face. "I'm sorry Dean.. I was just worried that something was wrong." I said looking down. "How about we go back to the living room with everyone?" He said kissing my forehead. I nodded and smiled.

The pizza came like 8:40 and we all sat down and talked. "Haha yeah and Cas fell and broke his arm." Cody said and kind of laughed. "Hey I was running from a dog." I said blushing. "Yeah a Winnie dog!!" Rey laughed. We all sat there laughing and laughing till it was about 11. "So where is everyone going to sleep?" I looked at everyone. Yeah it was my house but I want them to sleep where they want. "Wherever you sleep I'll sleep" Dean smiled at me. I blushed when he said that. I mean come on Dean and me in one bed. "Okay.. Um Cody/Ted where are y'all going to sleep?" I looked at them. "Um we will lay down here on the couch." Cody said and Ted nodded. "Okay.. Rey/John?" I looked at them. "We will sleep down here on the air bed." Rey said and john nodded. "Okay.. Miz/Randy??" I looked at them. "Down here on the other couch." Miz said and Randy nodded. "Okay.. And Sam you can lay in the guest room down here." I said looking at him and he just nodded.

It was around 11:00 and everyone was asleep besides me and Dean. We were in my room just laying there in silence. "Ugh how much I hate the silence!" I said to myself. But again I was kinda nervous. I mean Dean is laying in the same bed as me.. "Cas are you okay?" He looked at me and I just nodded. He got closer and looked me straight into my eyes. He leaned toward me and kissed me. We laid there kissing and touching gently. Before I knew it our clothes were on the floor. Dean stopped kissing me and looked down at me. "What wrong Dean?" I asked hoping he was okay. "Your so beautiful Castiel." He said smiling. I blushed so red that I thought I might look like a tomato. "Cas, I never got to thank you." Dean said looking at me. "Thank me?" I was confused what does he have to thank me for? "Yes thank you.. You saved my life... Before I met you I was a mess.. I always put the blame of everyone dying on my self.. And Sammy would try to talk to me but I would just push him away... When my mother died I blamed myself.. I dreamed about her death every night and well I still do.. Sometimes I swear she is still here with me.. Sammy told me it wasn't my fault and it isn't but my heart tells me over and over that it is.." Dean's eyes were starting to water.

"Dean I didn't know your mother died.." I said looking at him with sadness. "At the mall when you followed Sam you said your mom wanted you to check on him..." I said looking up at him. "I said that because I wanted Sammy to have a normal life.. You know? Like I thought if y'all knew we didn't have parents then you would think we were some kind of freaks.." Dean said looking at me. "To be honest I would have still been friends with Sammy and I would still have loved you." I said wiping a tear from dean's face. "Honestly I don't really know who my real parents are.. The parents I have now they adopted me when I was 5.." I said looking at Dean. "But I love them like my real parents because they have been there for me when I needed them. They gave me a home, a last name, and love.." I looked at him smiling. "Castiel.. I'm so sorry." Dean looked down at me. I smiled and Dean just hugged me.

That night instead of making love.. We laid there naked and fell asleep hugging each other. We both knew that this was going to be a bumpy road but we were going to get through it together no matter what..

OMG sorry I have been very busy lately but here is another chapter!!! Sorry it's kind of short but I hope you like it. I decided they needed a emotional night with each other. They were going to have sex but I turned it emotional haha maybe another time.

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