The Alpha

Kate is a girl who went to a club to have fun but someone dragged her out of the club. They looked back at her and their eyes were red. Kate finds out he is a werewolf but not just any type the strongest of all a true alpha. Will she become one too?


2. You're A Werewolf

Kate's P.O.V

They're we-were. I couldn't get the words to come out. Werewolf fangs he said smiling. I started to try to open my door but it was locked. Don't worry I'm not gonna kill you he said. I'll become beta again. And I can't lose this power, he said still smiling. I started crying it was so scary not knowing what he could do. I started moving forward when the door opened and I felt something scratch my hip. I fell to the floor it was burning so bad. I looked up at the guy with red eyes. My name is Harry he said. I was still in pain. He started to help me by putting antibacterial spray on it. I screamed in pain. Everything started to become fuzzing. The last thing I saw was the guy who had scratched my hip. He had brown hair and glowing yellow eyes. Then I shut my eyes. I hoped that this was another nightmare. I started to wake up and I was very sore where I got scratched. I started to limp out of the bed like it was nothing but that's when I realized this isn't my house. But it wasn't the house I was in this morning either. What is happening? I reached for my phone which was in my pocket. I started dialing 911 but then the someone took it from my hand and threw it at the door and it shattered to pieces. I screamed really loud because I was terrified. I ran to opened the door and it was open. I ran down the stairs to the front door and I got there quickly. I opened it and all I saw was trees I was in the woods. I fell to my knees and started bawling. I turned around to see 5 guys staring at me. 2 of then had yellow eyes so they're betas. 3 had red eyes so they are alphas. I looked back at my hip and the cut wasn't there. I took out my mirror and my eyes were yellow and I looked like a werewolf. I am a beta I screamed. You seem to know a lot about werewolves, the guy who scratched me said. Yeah I know I said proudly. Well since you know a lot you're in our pack Harry said. I guess I had to accept the fact that I'm a werewolf now. How am I suppose to tell my family? You know what why don't I guess make the best of it. I always wanted to be one when I watched teen wolf so why not act like one? What are you guys names?, I asked. The only person I know is Harry I said pointing at him. My name is Liam, the guy who scratched my said. Ok. My name is Niall the other guy with yellow eyes said. Ok now the alphas I said. My name is Louis one of them said. And I am Zayn the las one said. Ok well who wants to race I said. Niall and Liam raised their hands. Ok we all got lined up outside. We are gonna win anyway Liam said. Don't be to sure about that I said. On your marks get set GO Louis screamed. We all took off and Liam and it were neck and neck. I looked at Niall who was catching up. I looked to long and there was a branch and I fell. I looked up and they were way ahead of me. So I got up and started running again. Next thing I knew I was in the lead and I won. The guys looked at me with disbelief. I just smiled and walk inside. The guys followed me and we turned back normal. Niall was hurt because he has a big splinter in his arm. I grabbed his arm and started healing him he was in a lot of pain because it hurt to heal him. My eyes were glowing yellow healing him . Finally I was done. I stepped back. Thank you he said and hugged me. I turned around and Harry was watching me.

Harry's P.O.V

I went downstairs to get a soda and I saw Kate healing Niall. How the hell does she know how to do these things in such a short time? She turned around when she was finished. How did you know how to do that? Um I just do she said and walked out of the kitchen. Why is she hiding something from me? I need to find out what she is hiding.

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