The Alpha

Kate is a girl who went to a club to have fun but someone dragged her out of the club. They looked back at her and their eyes were red. Kate finds out he is a werewolf but not just any type the strongest of all a true alpha. Will she become one too?


4. You Can't Hurt Me

Louis' P.O.V

Kate you can't hurt me remember. I'm an Alpha. Yeah but your not a True Alpha like Harry so you not that much stronger than me she said. She slapped me in the face but not hard. She got off of my and started running. And I chased her. Alright both of you knocked it off Liam said from the kitchen. Ok dad Kate and I said going to sit down on the couch. Excuse me I'm just trying to be the mature one here Liam said jokingly. We all started laughing. Alright you guys wanna do something today?, I asked. Sure!, voices said from all over the house. Ok. What do you wanna do?, Harry said coming downstairs. Umm water balloon fight?, Kate said. We all nodded. Kate and Liam were filling up the water balloons cause they have the most patience.

Liam's P.O.V

It was hard filling up the balloons cause sometimes they would pop. It took us over an hour to fill up those balloons. When we were dine we divided them into 6 buckets. When we were done we told the boys to go into their own hide out. Everyone was ready. Ready, Set, GO Kate said. We all took our buckets and started sprinting. I followed Harry and he had no clue. He stopped and I smashed 2 water balloons on his head. I sprinted back and of course he caught up. And then we topped when we heard gowlng. We haven't heard this kind of growling then we relied it was Kate.

Hey guys I'm so sorry I started back school and was busy! Please forgive me! love you my mini unicorns

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