The Alpha

Kate is a girl who went to a club to have fun but someone dragged her out of the club. They looked back at her and their eyes were red. Kate finds out he is a werewolf but not just any type the strongest of all a true alpha. Will she become one too?


6. Eyes

Niall's P.O.V 


We were trying to run at a normal speed but it was hard because we were trying to get there as soon as possible. Why would she turn herself in? It was really strange. We were a block away and the light was green. I can't wait for these cars to pass Harry said impatiently. YOLO he said running across the street with us following behind him. We ran into the police station. Hello what's your emergency?, the man asked. Is Kate here, you know she like this short Harry said averaging her height. Yeah she's in a cell, turned herself in for murder. She didn't murder anyone, her dad tried to kill her IT WAS SELF DEFENSE Louis said yelling at the last part. Well sir we don't have proof that she didn't do it. But you don't have proof that she did do it Louis said sassily. I can't let her out sir if that's what you're getting at.Yes you can Louis said getting angry. Lou let's step outside I said. Not until we get Kate he said. Let her out Harry said simply. I'll give you 3 seconds for you to get her Harry said. Or what the man said laughing. All Harry ever had to do was show his eyes and they did what ever he wanted them to do. I'll get her he said getting up quickly.


I am SUPER SORRY that I haven't been updating. I am on wattpad most of them time. Go find me @AliciaSingh I have a watt pad called Tour Changes Everything and it has both 1D and 5SOS

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