Bad boy and a nerd

Nicole Megan Smith is a high school nerd, still a virgin, never goes to party.
Austin Edwards Hunter is a play boy, a heartbreaker, the true definition of a bad boy.

What will happens when the nerd meets the bad boy?
Opposite attracts.

Austin believes that "good girls are bad girls who hadn't been caught". But is there such thing called a good girl?

This story isn't like any other cliché love stories { okay maybe a little like it } but yeahh go read it(:

Let me warn ya- this book contains sex scene and cussing.
Careful and enjoy:))

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1. Chapter 1

"Move your damn freaking ass out of your bed!" That's hoe I woke up the morning.

As you can see, I have such a 'polite' mother.

"No... I wanna sleeepppp...." I slurred, still sleeping.

Hey let me tell you, you can deprive me of anything- anything- except sleep.

"You better get out of your bed and if I don't see you downstairs in 20 minutes, I'm going to use a bulldozer to know down your door!" She threatened.

I knew she meant what she said. Trust me, she's too cool for a 40 year old woman.

It took me a while to untangle myself from the blankets and off my bed.

I then went into the toilet and striped off from my cute pajamas that had penguins all over it.

I mentally cooed.

I then proceeded by supping myself into the hot water and I felt immensely relieved.

I soaked myself in the bath tub applying my mango-flavoured shampoo.

After a while, I put in my undergarments and placed a hoodie over my head and a pair of jeans.

I looked into the mirror to see a pair of green eyes girl with blonde hair staring back at me.

Her blonde hair was curly and her eyes were big like almost standing out.

I'm not very pretty or tall. I'm only a miserable 5'2, unlike those pretty 5'10 blondes that I suspect were Victoria's Secret models.

I sighed, not putting on any make up.

My mom bought easily more than 20 make up sets but I don't plan using them and probably never will.

I occasionally would-like during weddings when I'm forced by my crazy mother.

I picked my bag from the floor, making sure it was packed before I headed out of my room.


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