niall horan love story (one direction famous)

I once met 5 seconds of summer and i kept dreaming what would happen if i meet one direction this story is how i really want it to be :-)


1. email

'cindy i love you more than anything and i will love you forever ' niall said with his cute acccent. I smiled and kissed niall softly and say:' i love you too and i always will' than he say: 'cindy i need to ask you something... cindy? CINDY?' 

i opened her eyes and see my mother. i was immediatly sad that it was just a dream. i look around my room and i all i see are posters of one direction and a few of 5 seconds of summer. i couldn't stop my smile. niall was just too cute. my mom look at me like she wanna ask why i was smiling but she didn't she probably don't want to hear something about one direction.than she say: 'come honey it is already

 late time for school.' i know i mumbled and i get out of my bed slowly. i was really tired but don't know why.




a few houres later i was in school having some english lessons, we need to right a story. while she was talking i opened my email and see an email with the text: yessssss you win a meet and gret with one direction answer this email for 18 june and you will get 2 tickets to meet and take a picture with ONE DIRECTION!!!!' i almost got a heart attack because i was that happy i couln't believe my eyes. but than i see the date it was 22june i was abouto cry but i couldn't because im in class. i know i was to late but i send an email maybe they still give me the tickets. it is so important for me...


the rest of the day i couldn't be happy all i was thinking of was the chance i had.. only i have to do was answering the email. i felt so stupid. i was so happy when i could go home. happy i had some time only for myself the time i could cry. and i don't need to be afraid that anyone see me.  but than kelly( a schoolfriend) asked me if she could cycle with me. i don't want but i did say yes because i don't want to let her down. i triedso hard not to cry and pretending like i'm happy. and ihope from the bottom of my heart she didn't noticed i was about to cry.


when i was finally home i couldn't handle it anymore. i felt on the ground and cried as hard as possible. and after an half hour i finally felt a bit better. and i try to accept the fault i  made. i'm always on the internet but if im once not ths happen. it feel just to awful to explain






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