Cross Country |H.S|

"Sometimes the person you love most, is the one worth dying for" Clara said as I was eyeing the new kid, who had the eyes of a killer, they were dark and eyeing me up and down, in a way I loved how he looked at me

"Hedley, you do know who that is right?" Clara asked nudging me
"Nope, should I?''

"That's Harry Styles, The newest kid in town and he just got out of jail for murder" She whispered

That name sounded so familiar but it was probably a coincidence.. I looked back over to him and his dark, murderous eyes were boring into mine, giving me shivers up my spine..


5. ••Side-Affects••

~Harry's POV~
"I don't have time for her anyways" I said to myself as I walked into my house turning the lights on and walking to the kitchen realizing I have no food

''ugh'' I said slamming the door and walking upstairs to my room and shutting the door, I walked to my bed and picked up the knife and put it in my drawer and grabbed a towel and walks into the bathroom and turned the shower on, while I was waiting I turned to the mirror, I had dark green eyes, my hair was mess of curls, I started to undress, the top first, my body covered in scars, I had a slight v-line and kind of noticeable abs, I checked the water and it was warm now so I walked in and closed the glass door behind me letting the steam build up, relaxing me, I closed my eyes for one second and opened them and there she was, her sapphire eyes staring up at me looking so innocent, biting her lip, I lent in and just as my lips grazed hers, I woke up finding it was a 'dream', I turned the shower off and got dressed and headed to bed.

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