Cross Country |H.S|

"Sometimes the person you love most, is the one worth dying for" Clara said as I was eyeing the new kid, who had the eyes of a killer, they were dark and eyeing me up and down, in a way I loved how he looked at me

"Hedley, you do know who that is right?" Clara asked nudging me
"Nope, should I?''

"That's Harry Styles, The newest kid in town and he just got out of jail for murder" She whispered

That name sounded so familiar but it was probably a coincidence.. I looked back over to him and his dark, murderous eyes were boring into mine, giving me shivers up my spine..


8. ••Second Guessing••

~Liam's POV~
"I'll be back" I told the boys, I headed up to my room and stopped out the front of the door when I heard moans coming from in there .ew.

But then the girl spoke and it sounded like Hadley it couldn't be right?
I went to turn the door knob and opened it to find Harry pulling some chicks underwear off but to find it was Hadley

"Shit" Harry uttered under his breath

"Shit is the right word to use" I yelled walking over to them

"Hadley put your fucking clothes on!" I threw he dress at her and walked to Harry

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?"

"Hadley" He smirked and that earned him a punch in the face

"You're a fucking scumbag!" I threw another punch and watched as he stumbled backwards into the wall

He wiped the blood off his face and wiped it on his shirt

"You have some fucking nerve punching a guy like me" He smirked and walked towards me and before I could think he punched me in the stomach and I turned to see Hadley in time before I hit the ground

"Harry stop!" I couldn't see it was black but I felt sharp pains explode in my body and then I couldn't feel anything..

Hadley's POV:
"Harry please stop!"

"Why the fuck should I!? He screamed as he continued to kick Liam

"Please you'll kill him" I cried and grabbed his arm

"That's the idea sweetheart" He laughed, I looked over at Liam he's dead silent, not moving, blood gushing from all part of his body

"What the fuck!" Oh shit..

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" Zayn's angry voice filled the room and he looked to see his best mate there on the floor

"That's fucking it, let me at him" Zayn literally charged at Harry and Harry toppled over with Zayn on top and wailing on him

I ran to Louis and Niall and hugging them trying to block everything out

"C'mon Hads" Louis said picking me up, I was a mess, sobbing and choking on words, I took one last glance at Zayn and Harry and saw Niall carrying Liam out and following behind us and then I just completely tapped out

*Two hours later*
We were sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, it was almost 2:00am and still no word on Liam yet, Louis told me we came straight here after I passed out and that Liam was rushed to intensive care unit, snuggling up with Louis and sharing a hot chocolate a nurse came out and I sat up instantly hoping it was for us

"We have some news on Liam but first would you like to see him?" She asked, I looked at the boys and they nodded at me

"You go ahead bub" Louis said

"Yeah, go baby doll" Niall wearily said

The nurse nodded and lead me to ICU showing me Liam's room, I stood in front of the door pulling my hand away from the door knob, should I? I took a huge deep breath and reached for the knob and turned it and pushed it open and gasped, I walked to his bed and sat in the chair beside it

"Oh Liam" I cried stroking his brown fluffy hair

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