Cross Country |H.S|

"Sometimes the person you love most, is the one worth dying for" Clara said as I was eyeing the new kid, who had the eyes of a killer, they were dark and eyeing me up and down, in a way I loved how he looked at me

"Hedley, you do know who that is right?" Clara asked nudging me
"Nope, should I?''

"That's Harry Styles, The newest kid in town and he just got out of jail for murder" She whispered

That name sounded so familiar but it was probably a coincidence.. I looked back over to him and his dark, murderous eyes were boring into mine, giving me shivers up my spine..


3. ••At The End Of The Day••

~Harry's POV~
"Goddamn it" I said under my breath as I walked into homeroom when I saw Hadley , her hazel hair that complimented her dark sapphire eyes, oh the things I want to do to that girl.

"Hi, my name's Harry, Harry Styles" I said to the teacher and everyone snapped their attention to me but looked back to their books as I gave them a deadly stare but there was one person that didn’t .Hadley.

''You got a problem princess?" I snapped at her

"No actually" She snapped back, that made me pissed so I walked over to her, weaving my way through the desks, I got to her and stared in her eyes, knowing the fear that hid behind them

"Well, that’s unlucky" I smirked and walked down the aisle and sat next to a blonde bimbo and winked at her and payed attention to the teacher but every now and then I'd take a glance at Hadley, again thinking of all the things I can do to her, I could imagine her screaming as I held a knife to her throat and I could imagine the sound of her blood clogging her breathing making it gurgle with every breath, but not before I have a little fun with her…

"Sir, I feel sick, can I go to the nurse?" I asked sticking my hand up

"Sure, just walk down the hallway and turn left and it’s the first door on the right"
I nodded heading out and making sure that the hall was clear and ran out of the school and headed towards my house, five minutes later I was in my bedroom laying on my bed playing with a kitchen knife, I'm a sick human being, I put it on my bedside table and fell asleep continuing to dream about Hadley;


"C'mon princess, undress for me" I said sweetly as I held the knife to her throat

"Never, you're a sick bastard" She yelled and spat in my face

"Oh, sweetie, do you wish to play this game? I'll win in the end" I slid the knife along her thigh and she screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

"Now, undress for me" I said cleaning the blade with my top, I looked up to see her taking off her tank top followed by her bra and then moving her hands swiftly down her curves and to the buttons of her skinny jeans and slid them down leaving her just in a G-string, my breathing got ragged as I felt myself getting harder of every look I took

"Better?" She asked covering her breasts

"Much" I replied walking closer causing her to back up to the wall

"Please don’t hurt me" She pleaded

"Not yet, you're going to suffer first my sweet" I said greedily grabbing her breasts causing both of us to take a sharp breath in, I continued my actions and now she was moaning and her moaning made me want her more, I pushed her on the bed pulling her towards me and ripping her G-string off and licked her in long strokes and then I shoved my two long fingers inside her and moved really fast, I could feel her getting close.

"What's my name?!" I yelled

"HAAAARRYY!" She moaned yelling while she was distracted from her high, I pulled my boxers down and thrust right inside her making her scream, no longer a virgin, I smirked when I saw her crying, so cruel but it feels so fucking good, I moaned when the tears really started falling, I went harder and faster as I felt her getting close.

"Harry I'm going to--" She didn’t get to finish her sentence before she came and I felt it sliding down her leg, ugh so fucking hot I thought and that’s when I came and it mixed with hers as it also ran down her leg.

"Oh, yes" I panted and saw her eyes well up again

"What are you going to do now?" She whispered as I got up from the bed and walked to the nightstand and grabbed the kitchen knife and turned to her

"I have no use for you anymore, such a pity" I 'sympathetically' said walking back to her and before she got up I straddled her and held the knife to her throat
"Please don’t Harry, I love you" But before I could think, the knife slid across from ear to ear, she tried to speak but the blood was clogging up her airway making her gurgle each time, what have I done!?

"Hadley! I'm sorry please don’t leave me! I love you" I said shaking her but it made it worse , I looked at the bloodied knife and held it to my own throat

"I'm sorry" I said sliding the knife across my throat

*End Dream*

I Jolted up, panting and sweaty, I wiped my face and noticed it was sweat… I wasn’t crying was I? No, I can't that dream meant nothing!
I can't love… I'm a cold blooded person… There's no such thing as 'Love'
Is there?

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