The 5th Day

This is the story of my curse. The curse that haunted me for 5 days...until the 5th day......


6. The 5th Day

This is where my story began. Now sitting on my bed I resented my friends for having normal lives, I resented this curse, I resented that night .. The night I became cursed! The hatred I felt was bubbling away inside me. I wasn't me anymore I needed to let the darkness over take my soul. That's what this curse wanted. It's the only way to stop this nightmare. The smell of the smoke hit me first. I ran to the hallway flames crept their way up the stairs. I stood clenching my eyes closed it's just my imagination my curse ... It's just my imagination my curse ... I opened my eyes just as the flames licked at my feet. The fire consumed me burning me. I screamed. I cried. I ran. Burning. A human fire ball. My clothes burning to my skin my eyes stinging with heat and fire. Blind I couldn't see I stumbled through a door falling onto a large oval stand alone mirror. As I fell I knew this was it.  Between the pain and the tears the rage inside me made a curse which would become my own urban legend. Crack! The mirror shattered beneath my burning heavy body. Of course, I laughed to myself, another hallucination.  Blood spilling and ouzing out of every pore I had left smearing the mirror in a crimson river. Looking in between the cracks of the shattered glass I made a curse. A curse made out of hatred. Hatred of what had happened to me.  My own stupidity.

"I, Mary, curse anyone who dares speak my name 5 times in a mirror. I will appear just like the ghostly apparition that appeared to me, I will make sure that the 5 days after will be exactly as I have had to endure. I will come for you. and become your curse. I will come for you!"

That's when I died and so began my urban legend. Over the years the story of my 5 days of hell were told time after time. I became known as Bloody Mary. Do you dare to say my name?!?

Bobbie and Naya were about to find out what my legend was all about........

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