The 5th Day

This is the story of my curse. The curse that haunted me for 5 days...until the 5th day......


2. Day 1

First, day one, the nightmares came.

Upon leaving the hospital I returned home.  So tired desperate to sleep and rest.  Desperate to forget the last twenty four hours and hoping my dreams would transport me to a painless world.  I would close my eyes and BANG there it was alive in front of my face.  Nose to nose. Eye to eye. A curled warped smile with blood seeping through the gaps in the ghostly faces teeth. Imagine this happening everytime you closed your eyes..everytime. Jumping out of my skin. Flinching at the pain it then caused the wounds in my face to cause pain to tear through my whole body, cold sweats consuming my bed sheets.  At first I thought it was the amount of painkillers I had taken playing with my imagination.  Each time I closed my eyes the vision became clearer and clearer almost as if my eye lids were transparent.  Each time I closed my eyes the fear consumed me.  In the dark of the night I wasn't alone.  Even switching on all of the lights in the house did not help.  Over and over again the vision came making my heart beat faster and faster.


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