notice board ⇝ liam

in which a boy and a girl fall in love through a piece of paper.
but the boy has a secret he's not willing to tell.


1. sort of a prologue or proLOUgue ahahahah see wat i did there



stella sat in the big and, unfortunately, not-aired condition classroom, listening to her teacher rant about how, nowadays, society is basically "fucked-up"


no one trusts no one, if someone gets just a glance from a stranger they will be extremely scared etc etc etc..


he even started to talk about how a few years ago he did an experiment with his students, that have now graduated.



" of my students put up a note on the college's notice board, that's right outside.." he said pointing at the window.


"..she wrote 'hello' on it and you'd be surprised to hear that she actually got a reply. we started communicating with the stranger through that piece of paper. most of you might think that we're absolutely nuts for doing this, and you're probably right, but it had a great result. my student and some of her friends of the classroom actually met the boy she was communicating with and guess what- they're happily dating now"



sounds echoed from the classroom. stella could hear whispers such as like;




'for fuck's sake'


'is he crazy or what'


and so on.



mr smith clapped his hands "alright, quiet down. back to the point now, i don't think that something like that would happen today. definitely n-"



"excuse me, mr smith, but i think it would" a sweet feminine voice interrupted him.



her sweet feminine voice.



"what makes you think that, mrs langdon?" her teacher raised an eyebrow.



stella shrugged.



"not all people are scared, i'm pretty sure that if we do that experiment again it would have the same result. if not the same, similar"



"alright, mrs langdon. give it a try"



and that exact moment the rang bell and everyone ran out of the classroom, leaving stella with billions of thoughts running on her mind.





d a f u q

so um one day i was with my friend who's an absolute liam girl and we were discussing things about him and this idea came on my mind

i named the teacher mr smith bc well i couldnt think of a last name

and i gave stella the last name "langdon" bc i'm basically obsessed with american horror story


copyright @zaynmalik. [[ i've posted this story on wattpad too @asyloum ]]

names, characters and incidents are all product of the author's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental.

also i do not own liam payne as a name or character.

this is a story of fan fiction only.


it was like 1:45am when i thought of this so it might suck a bit

or a lot

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