He changed my life

Hi my name is morgan. I never thought that I would find love , we'll it was acutely a promise . All my life I've been dragged around by my boyfriend that my parents set me up with , until i met Louis tomlinson .


3. •CHAPTER 3 •

Louis p.o.v

"I wonder what was up with that girl . I was only trying to help her ."

"Louis man , you have a gf ."

"Oh please don't tell Eleanor about this , please Harry " . I begged giving Harry the puppy dog face , which no one ever says no to .

"Fine Louis . But only because I'm your friend . And would you please stop making funny faces"

"Oh thank you so much . I owe u " I said giving Harry a big hug which I could tell he did not enjoy .

"But Louis you should really stop thinking about her . You don't want Eleanor to think something's up "

"Oops , to late ." I say covering my mouth and slowly widening my eyes .

"Louis ....what did u do ? "

"We'll..-" I tried to continue but then Harry cut me of .

"No .... You dint ." Harry said as he shook his head in disapproval .

"I tried not to but it was just soooo tempting ."


"Harry Eleanor will never know , your the only one I've told ." I said moving over some pillows and sitting down on the couch .

"Maybe , but what about the paparazzi ? , Lou you have to be more carful ."

"Harry no ones gonna know , she lives down near us , we only have like a few nabbers ."

"What ever louis . I'm late for my date , and if I don't get there soon Jordan is gonna kill me ."

"We'll thanks for the chat hazza ."

"No problem , that's what friends are for ." And with that Harry left the house .

Shit I should have gotten Morgans number .

Morgans p.o.v

I don't know if I should call him or find the store myself . Well I kinda like him and I for sure know he likes me so .... I'm gonna call him .

"Hello ?" He says with his perfect voice which anyone could fall in love with .

"Um hi Louis ." I replied star struck .

"Um who is speaking ?"

"Oh right sorry I'm such a idiot . It's Morgan "

"Oh so I guess you are interested . "

"No I'm not . ( I lied 😋) it's just that I don't know where anything is around hear . ( I lied again . I have a gps lol) and I ..... Need your help please ."

"We'll I don't know how we'll this is gonna work out , you said you sent looking for a relation ship right now . But all it takes is 10 minutes with the luv master and bam you'll be in love ."

"That's not true . I promise I won't fall in love , and you have a girlfriend ."

"What ever you say love ."

"What ?"

"What do you mean what ? "

"What did you call me ? "

"Nothing why ?"

"Just pick me up please ."



Where could Eleanor be she said that she would be home at 10:0" and now it's 10:30 I'm gonna call her .

"Hello Eleanor ?"

"Oh hey Louis ."

"Eleanor , where are you and what's taking so long ? "

"Why does it concern you ? "

"What do you mean our my girlfriend ."

"Lol I'm just kidding . I'll be home in 10 "

"Okay bye ."

"Bye I love you . ."

"Okay bye . "

I dint want to say I love you because the truth was I dint . And my mom always told me never to lie even if you would get in trouble . Yes now I have Morgans number because she called me . (I'm smart .)

*knock knock * * knock knock *

I heard the door knock so I walked over and opend it .

"Hello Louis ."

"Oh hi eleanor ."

"What's wrong louis you look like your forgetting something ."

"Oh no it's kist that I'm going to go et us dinner and I'll be back in a hour ."

"An hour ? Why so long ."

"Um because I have to get you something ." (Sorry mum I had to lie .)

"Okay be safe ."

"I will ."

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