He changed my life

Hi my name is morgan. I never thought that I would find love , we'll it was acutely a promise . All my life I've been dragged around by my boyfriend that my parents set me up with , until i met Louis tomlinson .


2. •CHAPTER 2 •

I reached my destination , also known as my brand new house . I opened the trunk and took out my bags and set them aside . " oh sit ." I said as I rememberd that I dint recieve my house keys from my dad before I left .

"Fuck ." I said as I felt a cold pair of hands grab my Waist followed but a Manley voice .

" hello lovely ." I herd him say as I turned around and looked at him .

"It would be a lot more lovely of you would take your hands off my waist ." I replied as I admired his really sexy fetters.

"Oh sorry . I couldn't help but to see you like a damsel in distress . " he said as his hands were removed from my waist .

"Nope . In fine I'm sure I'll find a key shop some wear around her ."

"Oh so you lost your house key ? "

"Listen I really appreciate your help but buy the looks of it you should be with a fancy girl , at a fancy restrunt , eating fancy food ."

" I'm just trying to help . I can take you to a key shop and get you in your house ." He said as he placed his hand on my shoulder .

" I don't think that's a good idea ." I say heading to my car .

" please at least let me drive you there . You live in the Middel of no wear , and it's my job to be a gentlemen . "

"I'm fine , thank you ."

"We'll hears my number if you change your mind . And buy the way my name is Louis tomlinson . But you can call me Louis ."

"I really am flatters but I'm not looking for a relation ship" I say getting into my car .

"Wait !"

"What is it now ?" Can't this boy just leave me alone .

"Your really pretty ."

"Thank you , but you shouldn't let your gf catch you saying that ." I said with a snark on my face .

"We'll I haven got your name so I'm not leaving. You alone ."

"My name is morgan " i say putting my keys in the key hole and putting the shift bar into reverse .

"Please call me ."

"I really have to go ."

And with that I headed out of the drive way , on my way to find a key store .

No boyfriend , no boyfriends .

I could hear my concuss tell me . "No boyfriends . " I said as I took Louis number and put it in my back pocket . " I'm not in love "

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