He changed my life

Hi my name is morgan. I never thought that I would find love , we'll it was acutely a promise . All my life I've been dragged around by my boyfriend that my parents set me up with , until i met Louis tomlinson .


1. •CHAPTER 1•

"Are you sure you want to do this Morgan ?"

"Yes I'm sure dad , I'm old enough , have my own money , and I promise I will find jordyn and Alisha and we will live together .

" but Morgan , what about a friend ?"

" what about a friend ? I'll make lots , trust me "

I said as I pulled my bags and put a orange tag around them .

" no not that type of friend , I mean a boyfriend "

" dad I don't like Aston , I'm sorry to say that but all he does is act nice around you . The last time he ever texted me was when you had that party . "

"Okay then I hope you make it to England safe . Call me once you get there , and please say hi to jordyn and Alisha for me ."

"I promise ."

Flight number 10 will be arriving shortly . Please put your bags in the security checking .

"We'll I guess that's it , after spending 19 years with you , your finally leaving " I could see the tears starting to form in his eyes .

" dad this is exactly why I dint want you to come in the first place . I promise you that I will be safe ."

And that was it . They had asked my dad to leave the plane and head back home . I thought about Aston before I left , the boy was fit but he also was a dick . I decided to give him a call .

" hello ? "

" hey ash , it's me "

"Oh hey babe is your dad with you ?"

"No don't worry you don't have to act nice ."

"So what do you want ?"

"I'm leaving . "

" umm . No your not where do you think your going ?"

"Sorry I can't pay your rent anymore but I'm already on a plane heading over to England . Oh and it's over ."

"What's over ?"

"Us . Ash I can't be with you all you do is use me . "

" nah it's okay , I've been cheating on you anyway ."

All passengers please put you devices down for one second , our caption would like to make a announcement .

"What ever Aston . Bye "

I said to him and turned of my phone . The caption started to Speak .

We will be landing soon , please make sure you did not leave anything on the plane . Have a great trip to England and thanks for choosing : air ways .

I grabbed all my stuff off of the top and made sure that I wasn't leaving anything behind .i headed out the air port and saw a red mustang with a big white sign saying My name , on the car . I walked over to the car and saw a couple of teenaged Brit boys standing near the car .

"Hey cutie , this your ride ? " one of the boys said as he touched it with his finger . The other boy just looked at me .

"Yes . " I replied as I took the paper and found the keys attached to the back .

"We'll you could take your ride or you could come home with me " he said .

"I'm not looking forward to get laid and of you would excuse me you standing in the way ."

I said as I opend the car trunk and put my bags in it .

" oh sassy . I like my girls like that , what about you Brian ? " he said to his friend

"Yeah Aston , I think she's a keeper " Aston his name ran trough my head , what a cock sucker . I was glad that he waste my ex .

"Listen boys , I'm not in the mood . And even If I was I would like a guy with a dick better . " I said and opend the car door and got in . I put the keys in the key hole and slowly started to drive to my new house which was already g p'sed In .

"Don't worry babe we'll be back for you ." I heard the guy scream as I was already half way out the parking lot .

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