Dont tell Tomlinson

Another story like Falling for Tomlinson. Sammy the main character is now Louis sister. She falls in love with Harry and Harry doesn't want to upset Louis so what should he do. This is going to be based on your ideas and opinions. Why would Harry love an emo girl. Sammy looks like the girl on the cover.


2. Chapter 2

Sammys P.O.V

As we were dancing Harry slid his hands down my back and they stayed firmly planted on my mass. My red shirt strapless dress blew up as the doors burst open and a gust of cold air came in. And Louis. But what he saw was not what had actually happened. Harry was holding my dress down not pulling it up. I need to talk to him but he's stormed out clinging to me while Harry is chasing after both of us.


Louis P.O.V

That little bitch. I trusted her and Harry not to do anything. I know mum and dad died and I'm her only person who has legal rights to look after her. She's 16 not 18! Harry's 18 now he's to old for her.


Harry's P.O.V

I need her. She's my drug. She keeps me going 

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