Dont tell Tomlinson

Another story like Falling for Tomlinson. Sammy the main character is now Louis sister. She falls in love with Harry and Harry doesn't want to upset Louis so what should he do. This is going to be based on your ideas and opinions. Why would Harry love an emo girl. Sammy looks like the girl on the cover.


1. Chapter 1

Sammys P.O.V

Harry grabbed me by the waist and started dancing with me. It wasn't often I got to go to a party but Harry took me so Louis went along with it. He was cool I guess. Things to know about Harry.

1) He never kisses with his eyes closed unless he means it.

2) He's a one night stand man. 

3) He would never fall for me. Only the girly type.

He is so. Um what's the word... fit... funny... intelligent. As we were dancing he buried his head into my neck and it remained. So I done the same. His warm scent tickled my nose and made me smile. He then looked at me very seriously and kissed me. With his eyes closed. Omg Louis can't find out.


Harry's P.O.V

Wow her warm tender lips on mine felt... amazing. Even right.

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