Till today.

He left with the last and first I love you to his best friend Ali. leaving to go away . He reunites with her and all of the unfinished business is being brought up.


4. hey . 3

📚hey . 3 📚

We were waiting for the nominees to arrive and everyone was nervous.

They are here Don .

Liam said as he looked and saw the planes doors open . He smiled and so did the others . I was nervous however.

How would she react if she saw me . I thought to myself.


Liam yelled and then we all ran to our friend. Reni came after but then after I hugged her I pulled away to see her . Ali.

She didn't notice me and that gave me time to observe her. She hadn't changed. She still looked innocent with her brown wavy hair and beautiful small body.

When she looked over at me I felt myself burst with joy within. I ran to her and hugged her.

Hey Zaynie.

She said making tears begin to fall out my eyes . I felt her tears drop onto my shirt too. I hid my face in the crook of her neck as she cuddled into my chest. I still love her. I just know that I need to be with her for a while before I bring that subject back up.

Hey Ali.

I said and She giggled before she began to cry silently again in my chest.

I missed you so much Ali.

I said and then she pulled away and wiped my tears and smiled at me.

I missed you more.

She said and it caused me to smile brightly at her. I really truly did love her but time changes everything so I hope she still feels the same.

Alice's POV

You smell rich.

I said and it made him let out a small laugh. I laughed too and wiped my tears. I know I should still be mad at him for leaving me but all that pain is gone now. I was just happy to have him next to me again.

You smell like home.

He said and I smiled hugging him one more time and then we pulled away to see the boys conversing with the other nominees.

Here let me introduce you.

Zayn said grabbing my hands and intertwining his with mine. I did feel the blush on my cheeks form.

He still is the same accept the fact that he is a bit more open. Like making the first move. He never did that.

Authors Note:

Alice forgives Zayn yet some things are waiting to yet be brought up.

How will Alice react to the boys and the other nominees?

We'll do you have anything that I should take any concern in? Leave your concerns , comments , and or questions on my wall.

Keep calm and read on ! 😚📖

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