illegal love

Dylan is your ordinary sixth year hufflepuff wizard,from helga hufflepuff,living at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,

Cora is your ordinary sixth year fang vampiress,from Alwen fang, living at Transylvania's school of vampires and vamiresses

These two schools are meeting up for a ball being held at hogwarts with lots of other schools as well,what will happen when they meet and fall into illegal love


3. Dylan's P.O.V

Dylan's P.O.V

What!? Dumbledore has just said that we will be meeting with vampires,zombies,werewolves and ghosts!!! This is a bad idea, I was just telling Ryan how I feel about this when Sam burst in, "you guys do realize that we have to...*gulp* dress up in our best clothes?!!!!!" He screamed, " I will go get my joggers then" joked seb " I will phone my parents,get them to get me a suit for the ball" I said "same"they all replied whilst getting out their phones,I don't know why but that bad idea feeling had just gone to nervous to exited,I feel like something good is going to come out of this,I just don't know what yet.

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