illegal love

Dylan is your ordinary sixth year hufflepuff wizard,from helga hufflepuff,living at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,

Cora is your ordinary sixth year fang vampiress,from Alwen fang, living at Transylvania's school of vampires and vamiresses

These two schools are meeting up for a ball being held at hogwarts with lots of other schools as well,what will happen when they meet and fall into illegal love


4. Daisy's P.O.V

Daisy's P.O.V

am sooooooo exited for the ball,me and Cora have been thinking and decided that we will dress in our best clothes,the ball starts at 8pm and goes on until a little before sunlight,I am going to wear my blue ballerina dress with the daisy and cora has not figured out what she is wearing yet but she looks good in everything,she has brown hair reaching down her back,blue-grey eyes and a beautiful smile,when we came here I was in awe of here and thought she was way to good to ever even notice me,but we are best friends now,she has one bad quality,she is always putting herself down,she thinks she is ugly and stupid when she isn't,it drives me crazy,I just wish I were as brilliant as her,anyway,I will tell you about our other friends,Keeley is a half Chinese vampiress with black hair(that has a red streak),green eyes and thin lips,Isabel has long brown hair and is an animal-loving-tom-boy,Hannah has curly brown hair and lives for adventure,then there is me,I have short brown hair that curves at the ends to frame my face,we are all in fangesa,then there's shay,shay makes everyone's lives a misery,especially Cora's,Cora and shay are known for being mortal enemies,shay is jealous of Cora so,with the help of her 'servants',Lauren and Ella,she tries to hurt Cora as much as possible,emotionally AND physically,Cora was saying today about how exited she was to see Jess and Luna again,they are our friends from Hogwarts that we met at the World Cup,they are really nice,anyway,Keeley is gonna wear a sparkly green mini-dress,Isabel(who did not want to wear a dress AT ALL) is wearing a knee-length black clingy dress(the girls chose it knowing she'd like the black but have to put up with the clingy-ness and Hannah is wearing a red dress with roses across the top,we are all wearing colour-coordinated heels,it's only five days until we go...god I'm exited!

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