illegal love

Dylan is your ordinary sixth year hufflepuff wizard,from helga hufflepuff,living at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,

Cora is your ordinary sixth year fang vampiress,from Alwen fang, living at Transylvania's school of vampires and vamiresses

These two schools are meeting up for a ball being held at hogwarts with lots of other schools as well,what will happen when they meet and fall into illegal love


7. Cora's P.O.V

Cora's P.O.V

It's the day that we arrive and I'm having a conversation with Luna,you know just catching up,later,in the great hall,we vampires had to sit with our most suited house,unfortunately,as we are not in palelia,we didn't get to sit with ravenclaw which meant sitting with Luna and Jess,instead we had to sit with hufflepuff,I was sitting next to a HOT wizard,"hey,my names Dylan,I hope you enjoy your time In hogwarts" he said "thanks" I replied,I was trying my best not to flirt,it's sooo hard with a boy this hot, "so,you board here?" I asked,hoping to make small talk

"yeah,ever since the first year(6th yr now),I love it, I have loads of friends and we have loads of fun,how about you?"

"Yeah,I love my school,I board and my roommates are the best"


"Yeah cool"

"Witches and wizards,vampires and vampiress's,were-wolves,zombies and ghosts...we welcome you,this next week will be getting to know each other and making friends,at the end there will be a ball you shall attend,we hope you enjoy yourselves and let us eat"

I had hardly listened to a word dumblydoor was saying (that is his name,right?)I mostly just stared at Dylan's beautiful head.i then...STUFFED MYSELF!!!!!!

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