illegal love

Dylan is your ordinary sixth year hufflepuff wizard,from helga hufflepuff,living at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,

Cora is your ordinary sixth year fang vampiress,from Alwen fang, living at Transylvania's school of vampires and vamiresses

These two schools are meeting up for a ball being held at hogwarts with lots of other schools as well,what will happen when they meet and fall into illegal love


2. Cora's P.O.V

Cora's P.O.V

Yawn...finally!it was night time and I could get up,I looked around my room at my still sleeping roommates,Keeley was as peaceful as a bat,Hannah had actually turned into a bat(it's the only way that she feels comfortable asleep)daisy was twisting and turning and Isabel was starting to wake up,I laughed to myself,knowing what I was going to do,I leant over Isabel,right in her face,this was going to wake the whole castle up,she woke up,BOO I said in her face AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH she screamed,waking the whole dorm up,I was rocking with laughter,whilst the others were so scared,they even either turned in to bats or showed their fangs "don't worry,only me"they calmed down,well,calmed down enough to get ready,first I put on my shirt and skirt,then I went and did my teeth(taking extra special care for my fangs,that includes filing and sharpening) i then straightened my hair and added a sparkly head band,next I put on my bright red lipstick and blacker-than-black mascara to bring out my pale vampire skin and last but not least,my robe,with the pearly set of fanged teeth as I am in the house, fangesa,it's named after Alwen fang,the welsh founder of Transylvania's school for vampires and vampiresses the other houses are palelia(pale-ale-ee-a)after the American founder Charles pale,bitellb(bite-elb)after Craig bite and bloodthirst,after the German founder Agatha bloodthirst,every house has certain traits,for instance,bloodthirst is known for being extremely sly and cunning,palelia is extraordinarily clever,best at homework by far,bitellb are the brave ones,they are strong and never back down and then fangesa is kind and caring,never complain and always up for a laugh,anywho,being a vampire is brilliant,there are a few downfalls though,for instance,I am boarding at this school and where as most schools have breaks for breakfast,lunch and dinner,this school doesn't(we don't eat food,we are vampires)wanna know what we do instead? That's right,lessons,but it's not that bad,some lessons are fun,like practicing flying,or scaring people away,anyway,mrs mahogany called us to the hall today,everyone was confused,she started to speak "vamps" she addresses us all "we will be going to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry"she was then rudely interrupted by the rest of the schools murmurs,I mean,it's not every day we mingle with wizards! Miss carried on "ANYWAY!!!!!,it will not be us only,also going is zombies school for the dead,howling moon school for werewolves and death school for ghosts,BUT I warn you now,in the wizarding world,it is against the law to be with a vampire or vampiress as to an incident hundreds of years ago,understand?" "Yes miss"the rest of us chorused

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