Tyler, mathematics student from London, just arrived late in school to find police surrounding the school and something inside that would change his life. Tyler takes it upon himself to solve this mystery. But can he solve it before the police?


1. 3

People called me antisocial, but I don't like to be put into categories. I always just thought of myself as good with numbers and bad with, well, talking to people. I probably should have got to school (I was working towards a degree in advanced mathematics) but I waited a little bit. Being rushed stresses me out, so I never force myself to get out of bed, which sometimes results in me being late. I didn't really have any friends at school, just a few people I like to have lunch with, so I didn't have much to look forward to when I got there. I liked maths and everything, I was good at it too, but it can weird when you're sitting in a class about one and a half meters away from someone you hardly know for three to six hours every day, not talking, not smiling at each other, not even looking at each other. I was fifteen minuets late when I finally got up. I changed into my Nike shirt (I never play sports, but it's two sizes too big which makes it surprisingly comfortable) I brushed my teeth and washed my hands, then headed to school. I live about a thirty minute walk from school so I decided I might not be too too late if I took a taxi, which there are as many of in London as there are grains of sand on a beach. As the taxi pulled up outside school, there were two police cars and four or five anxious and confused looking policemen and women. It thought about it for a moment, and then brushed it off and started scrolling through my music. As I shuffled into atrium, engrossed in my phone, I overheard my old friend from secondary school saying something about markings on the wall of the first floor. I took out my head-phones and glanced over at him for a second before running up the stairs, taking them two at a time. I assumed the police were here for the symbols, which I found out in about ten seconds was true.

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