I told her everything about what happened from the beginning to end.

" Um, th-that doesn't sound w-weird at all. W-Why would it?" she stuttered strangely.

" Well probably because the teacher was not herself at all! She doesn't do that! Well only to my parents, for some reason. But we have the strictest teacher in the WHOLE school. Stuff like that doesn't happen." I said in one breath. She probably thought I looked insane

" We're best BFFLs. I think I know crazy from reality, okay. Let's forget this ever happened." she said, laced with serene.

" Yah, we're best BFFLs." I said in a daze, " Let's forget about-wait-were you trying to, er- control me! Why would you do that to me and how did you do it?"

" I'm so sorry! No one could break my trance before! How did YOU do that!" Karrie said, frantic.

" I-I don't know." I said, confused more than ever.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Katrina’s POV

“ Oh! Okay, I have an idea. I think somebody else must have done it.” Karrie said.

“ What do you mean by somebody else must have done it? You mean by somebody in our class?” I asked.

“ Yes! Exactly, but we need to be able to figure out who.” she said with disappointment.

“ Okay, but how do we do that exactly?” I asked in confusion.

“ I don’t really know? Hmmn. Omg, I just realized, my parents have some ancient books in their attic! I bet they have many books on Manip.” she said.

“ Really! Great, we are one step closer.” I said, satisfied.


We ran down the street to Karrie’s house. Karrie ran agile and quick.

She is faster than me but I was fast on her heels. We climbed up her tree and into her room.

We walked into the hallway to pull down the ladder to the attic.

“My parents told me about the attic and brought me up whenever I wanted to. I haven’t been in here for a long time. The last time was when I was ten.” Karrie said, pulling the string down.

I was panting from the running so I couldn’t talk. I didn’t understand how she wasn’t even sweating.

Karrie got the ladder down and we both climbed up into the frigid air.

Karrie’s POV

I was up first. I couldn’t see anything in the blackness.

I walked like I was drunk and not coordinated feeling my way for the wall. I felt a smooth, flat surface and moved my hand across it.

I sensed something that was higher than the rest and guessed it was the light switch. I flicked it on and soon the room lit up.

We stood there in awe at the vast room and high shelves full of books. I walked up to the bookshelf in front of me and wiped away the layer of dust on the bind of the book.

I saw a coat of gray on my fingers and rubbed my fingers together to get rid of it. We walked down one of the aisles and just looked everywhere in astonishment.

“ I never knew you had a huge place full of books. I didn’t even knew you guys had an attic!” Katrina said. Her eyes were filled with appall.

“ Let’s just look around and try to find some related clues in these books.” I said, still looking around.

“ This is going to take a long time. Where do we even look first?” she said with disappointment.

“ Um, how about we each look at one end of the room and then work our way around. Does that sound good to you?” I asked Katrina.

“ That’s a good idea! I’ll start on the left and you start on the right.” she said, walking off.

I walked to my side and started right on the bottom.

Damn. This is going to take a long time, I thought.

I look up at all the books and pick up my first one right at the bottom.

Katrina’s POV

I am exhausted. My eyelids are struggling to keep open.

I checked my phone for the time. 8:30 pm! I finished one shelve - in three hours! I must have been reading so much that I’m sleepy at 8:30.

“ Katrina! Katrina! I think I found it!” Karrie yelled excitedly as she ran to me.

“ That’s great! What does it say?” I said, urging her tiredly. My eyes are threatening to close any second now.

“ Okay, it says to detect other people using their powers, they can not blink. They can not be distracted so when you talk to them, they can not hear you. They also have to speak to them and look straight at them.” Karrie said.

“ So we can go home now right? I’m so tired.” I said, about to drop to the floor.

Karrie checks the time on her phone and her face changed to shocked.

“ Are you serious! It’s 8:30! How are you tired?” she asked me.

“ It’s from all this reading. Anyway I got to go home and rest. Goodbye!” I tiredly said with no enthusiasm.

“ Goodbye.” Karrie said glumly.

I climbed down the ladder and walked out of the front door. I walked silently back to my house. I thought about if I saw anybody in my class who do that.


I can’t think while I’m tired. I turned the doorknob to my house and walked up to my room.

I just changed into my pajamas and laid on my bed. My eyes shut closed right at the moment I landed on my comfortable bed and fell asleep.


I woke up to the blaring sound of my alarm clock and got up. I did my morning routine and then picked out a grey crop top, dark wash skinny jeans, grey vans, and a red bracelet.

I put my hair up into a messy bun and walked out of the house to the bus stop with my phone and backpack.

“ Hey Katrina! Okay so here’s the plan. When we get to fifth period, we keep the lookout for suspicious people.” Karrie stated, then asked, " Firstly though, who do you think are suspicious in our class?”

After a moment of thinking I got it.

“ Well I think the possible suspects are: Jerod, Aftan, and Jay.” I said, embarrassed by my horrible thinking skills.

“ Uh, ok why do you think that?” she asked, trying to hold in a laugh.

“ Jerod because he hates getting bad grades. His definition of a bad grade is below a 95. Remember he said he got an 89 on a classwork assignment? Well then he went up to Mr. William and said ‘isn’t this the right answer?’. After that conversation, he got a freakin’ 100." I said, fury rising in me at the remembrance of the event.

“ Okay how about Aftan” Karrie asked with humor in her eyes.

“ You know how he’s like not at school everyday? Well, when he is at school, he’s always in confusion trying to get his work done. Especially, in math class and we learn college math in 12th grade. He’s still in AP math class. I don’t get how he’s not kicked out when he’s never ever here. Also he’s always talking to the teachers. So maybe he’s trying to persuade them into getting good grades. When he is here, he always gets checked out and the same excuse as always is ‘Can you please send Aften to the attendance office for checkout. His dad is picking him up for an orthodontist appointment.’ His teeth is fine people! ” I said.

“ Hmn. Good job Katrina! High five!” Karrie said excited.

We raised our hands for a high five and when we brought it forward, we quickly brought it back and said,” Argh hargh!” We laughed as we did that always. If one of us didn’t do it and forgot, which is usually me, then she says,” Ugh! What was that! You didn’t do right!”

“ Okay well now why do you think it is - Jay?” she said with shock.

“ He is always in trouble. Like always, in every single class. I’m surprised he isn’t transferred to a different school. And the answer to that is because he manipulated the teachers into not giving him a punishment.” I said.

“ These are some good predictions! Let’s start with that.” she said happily.

And as she said that, the bus picked us up.

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