I told her everything about what happened from the beginning to end.

" Um, th-that doesn't sound w-weird at all. W-Why would it?" she stuttered strangely.

" Well probably because the teacher was not herself at all! She doesn't do that! Well only to my parents, for some reason. But we have the strictest teacher in the WHOLE school. Stuff like that doesn't happen." I said in one breath. She probably thought I looked insane

" We're best BFFLs. I think I know crazy from reality, okay. Let's forget this ever happened." she said, laced with serene.

" Yah, we're best BFFLs." I said in a daze, " Let's forget about-wait-were you trying to, er- control me! Why would you do that to me and how did you do it?"

" I'm so sorry! No one could break my trance before! How did YOU do that!" Karrie said, frantic.

" I-I don't know." I said, confused more than ever.


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


Katrina’s POV


    I woke up feeling tired like I never got any sleep last night to the sound of my alarm clock telling me I have to go to school. I drowsily got up from my comfortable and warm bed that I don’t want to break from.

        I didn’t need to take a shower that I usually  did  in the morning, because I took one last night. I just washed my face with warm water and  rubbed on moisturizer and sunscreen.

        While in the bathroom, I coated my lashes with two swipes of mascara and slathered my lips with chapstick.

        I walked to my closet and shifted my pajamas off of me. I covered up in a white sweater and dark wash skinny jeans with gray vans. I decided on whether to add my infinity scarf or necklace to my outfit, then chose my coral and white chevron infinity scarf.

        I pulled my hair back into a high ponytail and  pulled the hair that framed my face at the sides.  I snatched a red bow and pinned it above my ponytail.

        I grabbed my Iphone and backpack and headed towards the kitchen downstairs thinking about the questions to ask to Karrie, getting me in a good mood.

    “ Good morning daddy!” I said cheerfully.

    “ Well good morning sweetheart! You’re in a great mood today.” He happily said, looking up from his newspaper in his hands.

    I looked around noticing my mom wasn't here.

    As if knowing what I was going to ask, my dad said, " You’re mother is doing errands today.”

    “ Oh ok, well then, I will just get a granola bar and head out to my bus stop. Bye daddy!” I said, feeling a little sad my mom was out.

    “ Bye sweetheart!” my dad yelled out back at me, walking towards the door.




    I continue eating my granola bar while listening to my music at the bus stop. Karrie should be here any minute, my energy rising inside of me, ready to lash out millions of questions for her.

    I continue after a while, until I see a small distant figure walking toward me. Until  the person was close enough, my eyesight registered the person and my face turned into a smile as I waved to my best BFFL.

        She ran to me at the same speed as the night I received the new information, then I remembered to ask her the questions I’ve been dying to ask for a long time now.


Karrie’s POV


    I rose to the bright light of the sun hitting my face through my window. I sat up glumly as the thought of waking up for school makes me want to stay in my bed forever.

        I look at my clock right next to me and I jump out of bed. My face in complete shock. I’m late to wake up as I wonder how I didn’t hear my obnoxious alarm ring in my ear.

        I run to the shower and pull off my clothes and jump into the freezing water. I scream but stop myself to not make my parents worried. Thankfully they didn’t come up and interrogate me for hours.

        I stand to the end of the shower waiting for the water to warm up. I feel the relaxing steam slowly climb up my body and soon enveloping me.




    When I was done, I shut it off and grabbed my towel. I covered my skinny body and soon salve my face with lotion.

        I ran to my closet wanting to get away from the chilly air. I slipped on my bra and underwear. I grabbed my regular tee and light skinny jeans.

        I combed my hair and let it air dry. I put on mascara and lipgloss satisfied with my look.

        I put on my backpack with my android in hand as I head out the door not feeling that hungry this morning.

    I checked if I got any new messages but got none so I slipped my phone into my back pocket. I headed toward my bus stop when I noticed a tall, skinny girl  with shiny, jet black hair  and blond highlights popping out, eating something.

        I saw her look up and noticed I it was Katrina! I ran towards her and gave her a tight hug. I couldn’t help but envy her body by how she was tall and skinny. Her clothes clinged to her every curve and I loved her clothes and her fashion sense.

        She had a huge smile and knew what would come next as I saw excitement shine in her deep chocolate eyes.




    She nearly knocked me over with all of her questions spill out of her mouth. I could tell she thought it out and was waiting for this for a long time.

        I just grinned at how she looked and I was intrigued at how she said all of those questions in one breath.

    She finally inhaled deeply and smiled as she waited for my answers. I didn’t hear one word from what she said the whole time.

    “ Dude, you just mumbled the whole thing very fast. I didn’t understand one word. Just ask one question at a time.” I said slowly and carefully to make sure she comprehended what I just said.

    “ Sorry about that. Okay, just tell me about the,um, er- power.” Katrina said, trying to find the right words.

    “ Okay well this power is called Manip. Um, it is ancient and very powerful. You can get it from learning or inheriting it first. I inherited it from my dad while my mom is regular. Inheriting it is more powerful than learning it. I would be more powerful if both of my parents had this power but I only have one. The good thing though is that after many years of practicing, I am a level 4 Manipulator. It took me seven years for this. I was born at level 2” I said casually, trying to remember everything.

    “ Oh that’s a bummer, but you got something good out of it. Also how did I affec-” Katrina said, interrupted by the bus coming to pick us up.

    “ Ask me later,okay.” I said, walking up the stairs and finding our seat.

    “ Okay.” she said, defeated.




    We continued with school as usual. We are in gifted classes together. The only classes we don’t have together is 2nd and 6th period.

        I have orchestra in 2nd and a different spanish class in 6th. Katrina has 9 week rotation in 2nd. We met up on the bus and waited to go home.



Katrina’s POV


    After what seemed like forever, we finally got off and went to my house. I unlocked  the  door and walked in up the stairs.

        We sat down exhausted from school, but thankfully didn’t have any homework. Then I recalled that I didn’t finish my question earlier this morning after being cut off by our bus. After a moment of silence, I just blurted my question out.

    “ How did I affect the teacher like that?” I said calmly, out of nowhere.

    She must have been distracted, but snapped out of it. Her head turned fast to me as if confused but changed quickly in deep thought.

    “ You want to know something?” Karrie said, sitting up straight now, looking at me with humor in her eyes.

    “ Okay.” I said cautiously, laced with curiosity.

    “ I have no idea.” she said with a slight curve on her mouth.


Author's Note: I need to know that you guys like it so please vote on all of my chapters. If I get enough then I will continue on with my story.

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