I told her everything about what happened from the beginning to end.

" Um, th-that doesn't sound w-weird at all. W-Why would it?" she stuttered strangely.

" Well probably because the teacher was not herself at all! She doesn't do that! Well only to my parents, for some reason. But we have the strictest teacher in the WHOLE school. Stuff like that doesn't happen." I said in one breath. She probably thought I looked insane

" We're best BFFLs. I think I know crazy from reality, okay. Let's forget this ever happened." she said, laced with serene.

" Yah, we're best BFFLs." I said in a daze, " Let's forget about-wait-were you trying to, er- control me! Why would you do that to me and how did you do it?"

" I'm so sorry! No one could break my trance before! How did YOU do that!" Karrie said, frantic.

" I-I don't know." I said, confused more than ever.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Karrie’s POV

    “ Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap!” Katrina quietly yelled out loud.

    “ Please don’t freak out!” I said desperately.

    “ You said yourself - we are best BFFLs! Why didn’t you tell me!” she said, anger in her eyes.

    I have never seen so much fury in her eyes before. I feel so guilty not telling her before, but I couldn’t and when she said that we were best BFFLs, that just hit me hard in the heart, as that was the truth.

    We are like sisters that are inseparable. I have told every single secret I knew about myself - expect this.

    “ I never told you because I had to promise to not tell anyone. My parents told me its just too dangerous to tell anyone, so I didn’t. Please dont be mad! I wanted to tell you!” I said, closing my eyes in the end to block myself in fear, not wanting to see her reaction.

    “I- I’m not mad at you. I was just kinda frustrated and confused why you didn’t tell me. I mean we know all of each others secrets." She said, then added, "I just thought that you would trust me after all we have done together, but I understand that you can’t tell me after you promised.”

    I was just in shock at what I just heard. I just couldn’t believe - how fast she changed her emotion so quickly, from furious to sad. I mean I thought her head was going to just pop off any second.

    “ Thank you for not being mad at me.” I said relieved,” If you have any questions just ask me. Maybe you want to ask me about my powers?”

    “ Your welcome. You know I can’t stay mad at you forever.” Katrina said, “But I do have few-”

    “Omg, I’m so sorry! I have to go back home! Can we do this tomorrow?” I ask.

    But before I wait for an answer, I run to the window and wave goodbye before jumping back down and running down the street to my house.


    I run until I get to the tree next to my window, in front of my house. I climb up into my room.

    I hurry to get dressed into my pajamas until I hear footsteps walking down the hallway. I started panicking and start walking around in circles really fast, thinking about what I should do, my mind racing.

    When I don’t hear footsteps anymore, I relax ever so slightly, with a smile on my face to hear no footsteps. Then I hear the door knob turn, I freak out, my face like I’m about to scream and tense up 10x worse than the beginning.

    I frantically jumped onto my bed face first and pretend to be asleep by snoring.

    “ See I told you she was asleep. It  was nothing, lets just go  back  downstairs .” said a manly voice, guessing it’s my father, Henry.

    “ But then why is her lights on and- she’s snoring.” a high voice baffled, guessing it’s my mother, Patricia. She whispered at the last part, but high enough for me to hear.

    Crap! Curse my mom being so keen and able to detect these things.

    “ She’s also sleeping like a log- on her face?This isn’t right.” She said added, perplexed, " She NEVER snores, Henry!”

    Crap! Abort mission! Abort mission!

    “ Well let’s just leave her sleep, okay honey?” my dad said, obviously bored.

    “ Well I guess. She looks so cute asleep like this.”  my mom said fondly.

    “ Let’s go now and get ourselves some sleep okay?” my dad said tiredly, kissing my mom.

    My dad turned the lights off, closed the door, then walked off with my mom. They were talking about something, but I couldn’t hear, so they sound like mumbling.

    The last I could hear was their footsteps down the hall. My eyelids felt heavy, just on my comfy bed with my eyes closed, listening to the whole conversation made me tired.

    I let the darkness and my thoughts overwhelm me as I fell to sleep.

Katrina’s POV

    I was about to argue, but didn’t have enough time as she literally jumped out. I thought she would break a bone, but she landed perfectly on the ground, as I ran to the window to see her illuminated by the streetlight in front of my house.

    The last I saw was her run into the darkness, surprisingly at lightning speeds. I knew she was a fast runner but not that fast.

    I walked slowly to my bathroom tired and stripped my clothes off, getting goosebumps at the sudden cool wind from my window against my bare skin.

    I close my bathroom door and take a relaxing shower in the steaming water making me wide awake.

    I walk out to see no reflection but mist on my window blurring my image. I hate it when that happens.

    I wrap my chilly body with the towel hanging on the rack. I open the door, even more cold than before, scurrying on my tippy toes to the closet.

    I dry myself off and slip on my underwear before the rest of my clothes. I go back to the bathroom, just in time to see the condensation on my mirror disappear.

    I moisturize, clean my ear out with a Q-tip, then comb my hair out with  a part to my left side.

    I check the time with the clock on my bedside table. It’s 7:30 pm. Not that late, I thought. I decide to use the rest of my time reading my new magazine that I just got today in the mail.


    I was reading until my eyes started drooping with weight. I turn off the lights and slide into bed.

    I just wondered for a moment at what would happen tomorrow at the new piece of information I just discovered this afternoon.

    I remembered I still need to ask her the questions, until she just zoomed out of my room. I wondered for some more in the silence, until I was plunged into the darkness.


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