Adopted By Niall


1. Adoption Day

Alyssa's POV-

I see Taylor get adopted. I see l Roxanne get adopted also. I see almost all the little girls get adopted. Except for Blaire. Blaire is my little sister. She wouldn't be able to leave here, without me leaving with her. Now, it's up for my age group. Julie, the owner of the orphanage, calls the names of adopted girls. " Shelby, Kayla, Roxie, Caroline, Cora, Jackie, and." I am hoping with all my life that she calls my name. "And Vanessa. Congrats! Your families are waiting outside!" I became very disappointed. As soon as Julie told us to go back to our rooms, I hear someone burst into the living room. I hear a thick, Irish accent say," I'd like to adopt!" Julie turned around. She replied," Okay, follow me." With that they left the room. All of the adopted girls went upstairs to pack. I went upstairs to cry. I liked this orphanage, but it got so lonely here. Every time I made new friends, they'd always get adopted. Blaire always tried to comfort me, but it never worked. About 20 minutes later, Julie walked into my room. "Pack your stuff!" She told me." You've been adopted!" I was overjoyed! But wait..." What about Blaire?" I questioned. "I can't leave here without Blaire!" Julie responded very quickly, "Mr. Horan said he would adopt you both! Now, hurry up! We don't want to keep him waiting!" With that, she left. I sat on my bed, stunned. What just happened? Then it hit me. I'm being adopted! I've got to pack! I grab the suitcase from under my bed. Maxi, the maid, walks in. "Need any help there, Speedy?" I nodded my head. We got me packed up in 20 minutes, flat. I rushed downstairs, and I hugged everyone goodbye. I found Blaire, and we went to this... "Mr. Horan's" car. I was excited, yet scared at the same time.

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