The Boy in the Plaid

Haley was 17, and her mom just died and she hade to move in with her cousins but they lived in Wolverhampton, UK. She's not so happy about it until she meets the boy next door.


6. Chapter 4

Liams P.O.V

So after I got to mine and the guys flat, I still had her face in my mind. Haley was the most beautiful girl I've seen since I broke up with Sophia.

I walked in and, as always, it was a mad house. Louis and Niall were fighting over who knows what, Zayn was nowhere to be seen and Harry was probably out with his girlfriend.

Louis and Niall stopped fighting and turned to look at me. "Who was it Liam?" Niall asked. I didn't know how they can tell it was a girl but i shrugged my shoulders and sat down but they kept bugging me about it.

"You now what I'm not going to tell you!" I said.

"PLEASE!" they both yell at the same time.

"Fine! Her name is Haley she has blonde hair and brown eyes, and she just moved here from America. I met her at the airport. I kind of ran into her." Thats all I was going to say about her to them because I knew they would tell the rest of the guys and the others would ask for more information about her.

"Now you need to find out where she lives and ask her out. Cause you are totally in love with her." Louis said.

"No because that would be stalking, and I'm not in love with her. I just met her for gods sake." I don't want her to be scared of me. I left the last part out because I knew they wouldn't care.

"No it would be finding out who she is. And yes you are. I haven't seen that look on your face since you broke up with Sophia." Louis said.

"Whatever." I said and then I walked to my room. 

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