Crazy Stupid Love

Two weeks.
Two weeks was what it took to fall back in love with him.
**Calum Hood Love Story.**


1. Chapter One: Reunited

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMY!" Was what I woke up to, my screaming, childish, older brother. Today was my birthday, yes, May 1st. I'm officially 17 years old.




"Yeah, she said because it's your birthday she's gonna let you take the day off school."


"Yeah." I go out of bed and walked out to the kitchen.

"Good morning honey! Happy birthday!" My mom said, grabbing my face to try and kiss me. I'm an expert at dodging kissed. Especially from my mom.

"I'm allowed to miss school?"

"Yeah, we're gonna go shopping, I'm gonna get you something nice for tonight." So on one of our birthdays, mom always has her own friends come. It sucks.

"Who's all coming?" I asked.

"Kathy and Bill, Pat, and Kelly."

"You forgot Calum." Will said.

"Calum? He's here?"

"He's gonna be here tonight. He has a couple weeks off." I haven't seen Calum in quite a few month. My brother is a year older than Calum, but they've been really good friends since pre-school. I kinda grew up with him.

"Okay, get dressed honey, we're leaving soon." I hurried to the bathroom, quickly peeling my clothes off and hopping in the shower.

I dressed into a cream t-shirt that said 'striped shirt' in messy writing. I put on a pair of black shorts, put on my vans, put on a little bit of mascara, and I was ready to go. My hair dries into natural curls, so usually I leave it that way. I don't like using heat on it.

I put my phone on shuffle as I got in the car. Check Yes Juliet came on, one of my favourite all time songs. My mom used to get mad at me for listening to music in the car, but eventually she got used to it, and now she doesn't bother me. She's learnt her lesson.

I didn't buy much, two shirts, a sweater, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, and new vans. Mom insisted we get our nails done, so we did that as well. I got my nails black with red and white flowers on them. I could do it myself, I do it at home sometimes, but I wanted to see if the Chinese lady doing it would do it better than me.

It was 4:00 by the time we got home, I didn't bother changing, even though mom wanted me to. Mom made me a cake quickly, and I did the icing, because I love any kind of art. Mom told me what to write: 'Happy 17th Birthday Emerie'. Quite simple.

Pat, Kathy and Bill, and Kelly all showed up around 5:30. They all had presents for me, probably because I'm basically they're daughter, they come over every weekend pretty much.

The knock at the door confused me because everybody was already here. Will opened the door, revealing that familiar dark haired, tall boy that I would cal one of my best friends. "Emmy!" He called, opening his arms.

"Cal!" I jumped up, running over to him and tackling him in a hug. He wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me tightly.

"Happy birthday! How old now, 17?"

"Yep, what are you, 20?"

"Haha you're funny." He said, and put me down. He picked up a box, handing it to me. "I got you a little something."

"Cal, you didn't have t-"

"Yeah, yeah. Just open it!" I saw my mom walk over with her camera.

"Mom, seriously? Do you have to take pictures?" My mom always thought Calum and I would get married someday. I don't know why, she just loves him.

"Yes! Now open it." I sighed and ripped the paper, it was in a box. I opened the box, pulling out some kind of fabric. I unfolded the white t-shirt, seeing it was his bands logo.

"Don't you just love it?" Calum asked, with a cheeky grin. I laughed and folded it back up. I took the other small box, unwrapping it. It was also a box, with a collection of every single flavour of baby lips that there is. My eyes widened, baby lips is my obsession. I'm absolutely in love with them. I don't know how Calum remembered.

"Calum I love you!" I wrapped my arms around him tightly, letting him know I was happy with this present. He laughed and hugged me back.

"I know you do." I laughed and collected all the wrapping paper I had gotten everywhere, shoving it into the box. Will took it out to the garage.

"Thank you Cal."

"No problem."

"So! Who's ready for dinner?" Mom said. Will ran in, sitting at the table. My mom had gotten pizza, the best birthday dinner ever. I took two pieces, that's the most I can ever eat. Calum sat down beside Will, across from me. "Calum, how's the band going?" My mom asked Calum.

"Pretty good, after this break we're going to Vegas to perform at the BBMA's and then we're joining the 1D guys on tour."

"Really? I'm happy for you Hun."


"Tell them about the album." Will said.

"Oh, right, we're releasing our very first album on June 27th."

"Wow, you guys have come far. Wasn't long ago you were jamming out in your garage."

"I miss those days sometimes." Calum said. It must be hard, having millions of girls obsessing over you, it would get tiring. You would never be able to get away from it. "But it is pretty awesome, especially concerts, they're the best feeling in the world." I smiled, happy for Calum that he was finally living his dream. He deserves it.

"Okay Em! Make a wish!" Mom said, lighting up the candles on the cake.

I wish to fall in love this year.

I've never been in love, I want to experience it before it's too late. While I'm a teenager, and next year I'll be an adult.

"Done." I said, blowing out the candles.

"What was your wish?" Will asked.

"Um, nice try Will. Not telling."

"Fine." I cut the cake, giving everyone a big piece.

"Okay, presents." Mom said, handing me one.

What I got all together was a pair of Beats headphones (from Will), magazines, nail polish, girly stuff like that (from mom), $50 iTunes card from Kelly, $50 iTunes card from Kathy and Bill, and $20 from Pat. They aren't very creative with gifts. After presents, all the adults left, Calum stayed for a bit longer, him and will just catching up.

I changed into my pajamas, the first thing that I did was redeem my iTunes card and buy a whole shitload of music, including the 5SOS album, I pre-ordered it. I put my music in shuffle as I fell asleep.

I woke up around 2:00, I had to pee. I quietly walked to the bathroom down the hall, locking myself in and quickly doing what I needed to do. I decided to get a drink while I was up, I grabbed a glass from the cupboard, filling it with milk and grabbing an Oreo cookie. I was about to walk past the fridge, when a tall figure bumped I to me, causing my glass to fall, and actually break. I almost screamed, but covered my mouth. "Shit!" It was Calum. It was easy to tell.

"Christ, Calum! Were you trying to give me a heart attack?" I asked, going down on my knees to clean up the glass.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were down here."

"What were you doing anyways?"

"I'm still getting used to the time-zone change, we came from Canada, I was just getting some water." I sighed. I fumbled with a piece of glass inbetween my thumb and my index finger, maybe I pressed to hard, but suddenly there was a sharp pain in my thumb, I looked seeing a pretty big cut, and lots of blood.

"Damn it Emmy, you're bleeding."

"Thanks captain obvious." I said standing up, but Calum beat me to the cupboard. He knows where everything is in this house. He grabbed a roll of gauze and unrolled a bit of it. I washed off my hand, and he wrapped the gauze around my thumb.

"Thanks." I said, when he finished. He cleaned up the remaining broken glass himself, and I cleaned up the milk with a cloth. When we were done, we went and sat in the living room.

"So, how have things been?" He asked.

"Not bad."

"What about school, how's being a junior?"

"Just like any other year."

"Are you going to Uni or College?"

"Neither." I said, sighing.

"Really? But you're smart.."

"I want to be an artist."

"Right." He said, with a slight smirk.



"You say it like it's impossible. Don't crush my dreams, jerk." I said with a smile, playfully punching his arm. He hit me back, pushing me to the side a bit.

"I'm the jerk?"

"You are." He hit my arm again, this time I hit him back. He started tickling me, knowing it was my biggest weakness. I nearly squealed when he tickled my stomach.

"Calum stop! Oh my god stop!" I whisper shouted, but ruined the seriousness by laughing.

"Say I'm a nice person and you love me."

"No way!" He straddled my legs and began tickling my feet, me losing control and squealing. "Okay fine! You're a nice person and I love you!" I surrendered. He turned back around smiling

"I never said I would stop." He said quietly before continuing on my stomach.

"Calum please!" He was sitting on me with his legs on my sides, you know that position? Yeah.

Suddenly things were more serious as he leaned down closer to me. His hand went from my waist to my jaw, guiding me as he placed his soft, plump, warm lips onto mine.

It lasted around 8 seconds, before I realized what we were doing, that I was kissing my brothers best friend. I put my hands on his strong arms, pushing them off of me. I pulled my lips away from his. "Cal, we can't do this. We're friends."

"I don't want to be friends." He whispered.


"No, the reason I came here today was to admit my feelings for you. I've liked you as more than a friend for years now, and I just can't hide it anymore." He said.

"You're my brother's best friend, it wouldn't work."

"Believe it or not, I told your brother about how I feel about you."


"He said I'm probably to only guy he would accept you with."

"You're lying."

"Maybe." I smiled.

"It would never work, you're always gone. Halfway across the world."

"Skype, texting, calling."


"I'm here for two weeks, can we at least see how it works? I really, really like you, and I just want you to give me a chance. Please." He begged. I hesitated, ripping a piece of string from my shirt.

"If it doesn't work out, we go back to being friends, nothing less, nothing more, okay?" He smiled.

"Deal." He crashed his lips onto mine again, taking in all the years he missed out on.

I woke up in my bed, but I don't remember going to bed. I remember what happened last night though. I must have fallen asleep on the couch.

I went downstairs, still in my pajamas, and poured myself a bowl of cereal. As I poured in the milk, I felt a body behind me, and arms snake around my waist. I looked over my shoulder, seeing that it was Calum.

"Good morning." He whispered, and kissed my cheek.


"You fell asleep on the couch last night."

"How did I get to bed?"

"You magically floated." I rolled my eyes and smiled. "I carried you, obviously." I started pouring him a bowl as well.

The loud groan to our right made Calum jump, stepping away from me and trying to act like he didn't just have his arms around my waist. "Morning guys." Will said, stretching. "Wanna make me a bowl too?" He asked me. I nodded, taking out another bowl. I handed Calum his.

"Thanks." He mumbled and sat down at the table.

"So, what do you guys wanna do today? When do you have to be home by, Calum?"

"Sometime tonight."

"Let's go to the treehouse, by the creek." Will suggested. Me spent probably three quarters of our childhood in that treehouse. So many memories.

"Yes. I haven't been there in forever." Calum said. I still go there sometimes.

I had a quick shower, then I got dressed into a pink tank top and shorts. I put in a little bit of mascara, and some new baby lips, and went downstairs. The boys weren't even ready yet.

We ride our bikes, like we used to when we were little. It was fun when we were kids, but now my ass just hurts like a bitch. We had to cross a creek in order to get to it, it was small, so it wasn't a big deal. Apparently I was a bad jumper though, because when I barely made it to the other side, and I felt myself falling back.

Calum grabbed my arm, pulling me back up quite easily. "Careful Em." He said, and let go of me. Will looked at us, and we continued walking. The tree wasn't far now, it had wood nailed in it as steps. I went up first, then Calum, then Will. I had my spot, which was on this thick branch that was kind of like a chair because there was another branch I could lean back on. Calum usually stayed on the floor of the treehouse, and Will also had a branch.

"Don't you miss these days?" Will said.

"Yeah.." Calum replied, looking around. "I wish I had longer than two weeks to stay."

"It'll get boring pretty fast Cal, trust me. Travelling the world is so much better." I said. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes.

"No its not. I'd rather stay here, with you guys, the tree house, it's where I grew up, it's where I want to stay."

"Mate, the tour will be over soon, then you get to come home again."

"Not soon enough."

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