Love Will Be There

Innocent; pure. The exact description of Sky Woods. She's your typical sweet, shy everyday American teenager. What happens when she moves to a new school? Who does she meet that turns her whole world upside down and inside out? Him.


1. The Begining

***Keatons POV***

All i heard was the ding if the bell saying i won the fight. The reff came over and grabbed my one arm and raised it so everyone would see i won and that i am undefeatable. Westly,Kyle and Tyler came over cheering for me.

"Now for the after Party at lijah's house!" Said Kyle

"Sure let me just go get changed and showered" i said

I put on my skinny black jeans, red vans and my white teeshirt with my leather jacket and beanie. I may say so myself, i looked good and so ready to party and get drunk. This is how ive been since Drew left the band, he used to be like our dad since he was the oldest, but now we are totally free to do whatever. Im the #1 guy in school and im totally okay with that too. I got in Tylers rang rover and we pulled out of the parking lot if the fight club and started for his house.

***Sky's POV***

"Ugh really do i have to go with you to your friends party?" I said

"Girl come'on youre the new girl here and there will be so many gorgeous guys there" my best friend El said.

"Fine whatever." I told her. I had on my combat boots, my high waisted shorts with a white croptop that says stay wierd on it upside down, with my dark jean jacket, my hair was its natural blond wavy self and i didnt have that much makeuo on. Only some pink lipstick, blush, concerler and mascara with a little little bit of top liquid eyeliner. I was the new girl and had to look somewhat decent right?

"Hurry your ass up girl we will be late!!!!!" El yelled from my room. She had on shortie shorts and a croptop showing if her belly ring, well she may be kinda sluttly but hey shes my bestfriend. We got in my Jeep Wrangler and El gave me the directions and we headed off to the party. Hope nothing goes wrong.

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