seeing an old friend

i used to be really close with a guy named Kian but that was until i moved away and from what i hear now he's a youtube star and he's doing really well from what i heard but everyday i think about calling him


2. Seeing him again

Carrie's P.O.V

today i was going to the mall with some of my friends we were going to buy new outfits and a few dresses cause my job was having a catering event and i didn't really have any dresses at least no good ones.

We looked for an hour and then we finally found a store that had good dresses and then i bought a few and then eventually my friends left cause they all had to get to work or they had a date, and one of my friends went to go work out and then it was just me.

I was all alone and then i just decided to go get something to eat at the food court and i got some Chinese food, and then i ate it and then i went to go look at shoes.

I couldn't get new dresses without getting shoes and stuff to go with it cause i definitely did not have any dress shoes.

The only shoes i had was sneakers or flats or sandals.

I decided that  i didn't want to go home just yet so i continued to walk around the mall that was until i saw a group of screaming girls at first i thought something was wrong so i went a little closer to see if i could help and when i got a little closer i realized that no one was hurt at all.

As i was about to walk away, all the girls moved from where they were, at least enough to where i could get a good view of what they were surrounding or who and that is when i saw my best friend and the love of my life Kian Lawley.

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