seeing an old friend

i used to be really close with a guy named Kian but that was until i moved away and from what i hear now he's a youtube star and he's doing really well from what i heard but everyday i think about calling him


1. Our back story

Carrie's P.O.V

so today i found out i got a new job. i'm now a waitress at a cafe down the street from my house, and it's great don't get me wrong but the one thing that sucks is the fact that i don't have my best friend here to share it with me.

My best friend and i use to be real close that was until i moved away and now from what i hear he is a big youtube star and everything and i couldn't really go into details for you cause i haven't seen him in years.

The last time i saw him let's just say my favorite tv show was sesame street and that was so long ago each day i try to call him i even, actually called him once only to hang up on him when he answered i guess what i'm saying is i'm scared that if i ever see him in person or even if i actually do call him and have a conversation with him that he'll say something like 

'who are you' or 'how did you get my number' or the one that would hurt most of all

'stop calling me i don;t know you and i've never met you in my life'

but eventually i have to try right i can't keep hiding from him.

When we were kids we'd always have sleepovers and up until i was a teenager when i moved i always went to him and spent the night with him whenever i was upset or hurt, and he was even there for a few breakups.

He wasn't just my best friend he was the love of my life.

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