Love Again

Bella has a problem during the summer and is able to get on track again. She will find new love. But with who?


10. So Upset

Bella's P.O.V




How could she not tell me who my real brother was? I never got a chance to meet him and now he's dead! I blame her for all of this. And I thought my so call "brother" was awful. He was never around and when he was he was with a girl. He never played with me as kids. It was awful. You know what I'm gonna call her back and give her a piece of my mind I said. Bella I don't think you want to go to far Liam said. I wanted to do it so bad. Ughhh. There was nothing left to do but cry. I started bawling. Bella it will be ok Liam said. No it won't. It never was and won't be I said starting to slow down. Can you drop me home I asked. Sure love he said. I just want to be with myself I said. I understand he said driving. Don't do anything though he said. I looked down ashamed that he would think I would cut. You think I cut I said. Yeah don't you he said not thinking about what he is saying. I looked down now angry and sad he would think that. Did I say something he said stopping at my house. Yes you did I said getting up and slamming his car door and running to my step. I opened my door and closed it quickly. I slid down to the floor crying. Everything is to hard for me right now. I just need time for me,myself,and I.

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