Love Again

Bella has a problem during the summer and is able to get on track again. She will find new love. But with who?


8. Ghosts

Bella's P.O.V

I woke up early then usually because of what happened yesterday. I just can't except the fact that I saw a ghost. I made myself a bowl of cereal and watched tv till it was time to get ready. When I walked out side I saw it. Hi my name is Bryan. I'm the new neighbor. I started freaking out.I don't wanna ask if he is a ghost because what if he gets mad and haunts me for the rest of my life. Instead I just waved. He put out his hand. I shook it and it was really there. Do you want to go get lunch wit me?, he asked. Yea sure let me get my bag. I put on my shoes and grabbed my bag. I locked the front door and we were off. We went down to I Hop. How many?, the lady asked. 2 Bryan said. Ok right this way. We started asking each other questions until the waitress came to ask us what we wanted. We ordered our food. It took 30 minutes until we got our food. We ate and asked each other questions. We were having a great time he was really nice. He was a really good listener. He listened to every single word you had to say and then talk. He was a real gentlemen. It felt like we were they for hours and hours talking. He was talking was talking then suddenly my arm clock went off.

Ooooooo what happed. In order for this to be a cliff hanger It had to be short so this was super duper short. And im sorry about that. And I can't believe over 60 of you guys read tis. I LOVE U ! my mini unicorns.

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