Love Again

Bella has a problem during the summer and is able to get on track again. She will find new love. But with who?


4. Dares

Bella's P.O.V

Alright what do you guys want for dinner? Let's get dominoes Niall screamed. Sure I said. I dialed the number. Hello welcome to dominoes what you like to order the guy asked. I ordered the food and it said it would be here in 45 minutes. Alright wanna play truth or dare I asked. Sure they all said. Ok Harry truth or dare. dare. I dare you to go outside naked, run down the block,and screamed Argentina. Ok fine we turned around so he could take off his clothes then we turned back and his was half way down my block screaming Argentina. Ok I'm done he said with a mad face and but on back his clothes. Ok Alicia truth or dare he asked me. Dare. I dare you to kiss Liam. I walked up to Liam have him a quick kiss. Oooooo all they boys said. I started laughing. Ok Louis truth or dare.Dare. I want you to take one of everything in my refrigerator and make a smoothie and you have to drink it. He did he drank it and imminently spit it out in my sink. That was horrible he said. He drank some of the water and spit it out in the sink. Ok Niall truth or dare Louis said. Dare. I dare you to crack 6 eggs on you head. Fine he sighed. He went outside cause he didn't want to make a mess in the house. When he was finished he had little bits if egg shells in his hair. We went inside and he went to the sink and washed his hair. We all sat in a circle again. Liam truth or dare he said. Dare. I dare you to go outside a sing pills and potions by Nicki Minaj. Fine he said and he screamed it instead of singing. We went inside again. Zayn truth or dare Liam said. Dare. I dare you and Bella to go put on Bella's face mask and I'll explain the rest when you guys come out. We went into the bathroom. I needed to put the mask on anyway so I am fine. We're done Zayn said. Ok now you need to take a selfie and post it in twitter and put the caption as girls night! The boys started laughing including Zayn and I. Zayn took the selfie and posted it to twitter. When the game finished it was 8pm. We decided to talk more and get to know each other. In he middle of talking the food came. I went to answer it and I grabbed my wallet. How much sir? $24.55. Ok I went in my wallet and I had only a $20 dollars. I went to the cabinet to get the rest and then I heard the door shut. Liam came with the pizza. Liam you didn't have to pay. It's ok. I'll pay you back. I took $5 dollars for the cabinet and gave that to him with the $20. I'm not talking it Bella. Please! No. Fine I said giving him a sad face. We all took plates and took a slice of pizza, some wings, and sat down at the table. I went to get drinks for them. They all wanted soda. I took out 6 cups I put some ice in all. I poured 5 soda and 1 water. Then I gave them their drinks. Thanks they all said. Welcome. I sat down and began to eat.

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