Love Again

Bella has a problem during the summer and is able to get on track again. She will find new love. But with who?


7. Am I Crazy?!

Bella's P.O.V

I was still surprised how good my house looked. It's never been this neat. I mean I clean it but I have never gotten the time to clean the whole house. Thank you guys I said hugging all of them. No problem they all said. So what do you wanna do today I asked. We bought some xbox 360 games for you xbox 360. What kind of games I asked. I got the dance central series, some basketball game, and kinectimals. Oh that's sounds like fun I said. I put on the Xbox and put it the first game which was Dance Central. It was Niall and I on a team against the rest of them. (4 hours later) Niall and I won. We didi a victory dance and everything. All the boys laughed at us. It was so fun by the time we finished it was 9pm. We ordered Chinese Food for dinner. I let them take what they wanted and put the rest in the fridge. We well I decided to watch Teen Wolf cause it was Monday. That show is so interesting. We watch the show, Wolf Watch, and the After After Show. All of it was amazing. I was surprised because the boys actually liked it.

Liam's P.O.V

It was a pretty good show. It was called Teen Wolf I think. Its ended at 11pm. When it was over the boys and I decided we should leave because Bella needs her on space. Hey Bella the boys and I decided to leave because we want to give you some space. I'm find honestly she said. No it's ok because we have no more clothes anyways Louis said.oh o then its fine maybe we can hang out another day she said. Ok bye we all said giving her hugs. Bye she said. I was the last one to leave so I closed her door. Honestly I was sad t leave. I wish I spent more time with her, but who knows maybe i'll see her tomorrow. We got home 30 minutes later. We all shored and went to bed.

Bella's P.O.V

Today I woke up happy. I went in the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I made myself a bowl of cereal ad went to ork. Today at work all the customers were nice. Was this a dream? Work was done and I was driving home but there was more traffic than usual. I drove up a little more to see a huge car cras. I parked my car and rushed to the crash. I saw a body covered in sheets, and tears started to form. Then I saw a guy who looked my age hovering over the body. Then it vanished when the medics were putting the bod in the ambulance. Am I crazy? Did I just see a ghost. I ran back to my car and drove home. I still kept think about what I saw. I texted Liam and told him everything. He said I was probably just tired and was just daydreaming. I tired to tell himI wasn' but that didn't work. It was 7:30pm and I ordered food and ate it. Then I went on my laptop for a while, showered, and went to bed.

Hey my mini unicorns I hope you know that I have eastern time so . I hope you liike the update

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