One Hell Of A Life: Ally Dawson

Ally Dawson doesn't have the sweetest life. Her dad is dead and she is bullied. But when she is partnered up in her music class with the schools badboy and her biggest bullier Austin Moon how will she manage! Will they hate each other more or is there a romance brewing! Read and find out.


2. Projects and Faintings



I groan and sit up. I look at the time and see that I have an hour to get ready and get to school. I take shower and brush my teeth. Then I go and get dressed. I slip on a purple t-shirt and some ripped jeans. Then I put in my favorite green/gray supra high tops. A signature Austin Moon outfit. I go downstairs. Of course no one is home. My parents own a business called Moon's Mattress Kingdom. So basically I have an enormous house and no parents. They are never home. Anyway, I go downstairs and make a quick batch of pancakes. I eat and head out.

I get to school and instantly I'm crowded. See, I'm the schools popular bad boy. Guys want to be me, and girls want to have me. It's just how it is. I know that most of these people aren't my real friends. I only have one real friend. Dez Worthy. My kindhearted, quirky best friend that I've known since kindergarten. Of course I have my followers. Dallas, Trent, and Jason. Then there is my girlfriend, Cassidy. I hate her. Literally. She is so annoying and just wont stop kissing me. But I keep her, for the popularity. I don't know why I...

"Austy!" Exclaims an all to familiar voice interrupting my thoughts.

"Cassidy." I say not as enthusiastic. She runs up to me and throws a kiss on me. Exactly what I'm saying. She's so annoying. I walk into the school to see none other than miss Ally Dawson. She has no green in her hair. I'm surprised she got it out. But whatever. I walk over to her and whisper in her ear causing her to jump.

"Wow, all I said was hi." I say.

"Moon! Are you capable of leaving a girl alone for 5 minutes!" she yells angrily. Man, she was hot when she was mad. I won't deny it. I think she's hot but I will never go out with her. I hate her with a passion and that'll never change.


"Moon! Are you capable of leaving a girl alone for 5 minutes!" I yell.

"Not when your that girl." He says with a smirk.

"Ugh!" I yell, as Trish walks up to us and you can tell she's angry. This won't be good.

"Hey! Moon! Are you bothering my girl. I swear Moon, si te encuentro cerca de mi chica nunca mas vas a estar en el hospital durante la proxima mitad de su vida. (If you go near my girl again you'll be in the hospital for the next half of your life.)"

"Lets go Trish" I say.

I walk to class parting ways with Trish.

--7th period AP Music--

I walk into my favorite class. Music. Unfortunately Blondie is also here but I never let that ruin my music. I sit across from the teacher. The bell rings and class starts.

"Class, today I will be assigning you partners for a music project. You must write a song and perform it together." says Mrs. Sproule.

Although I have terrible stage fright, I am very excited for this project. I just hope I don't get a bad partner like Blondie. Wait...she's saying partners now.

"OK, partners are Jason and Doga, Selin and Christopher, Tiana and Robert, Austin and Ally..." she says.

"Wait what!" Blondie and I yell.

"You two will be partnering up for the project. Do you have a problem?" She asks.

"YES!" We both yell.

"I will not be partners with this slut!" He yells.

"And I will not be partners with this ass!" I yell.

"You will be partnering up and that's that." She says.

OH NO! This is to much for me to handle! I'm getting dizzy. Why are there seven walls. I fall to the ground with a thud. The last thing I see is the teacher hovering over me before I completely black out.


After seeing Ally faint I almost fainted. But really am I that bad. I mean she fainted. When I was mean to her the first time it was meant to be joke but it wasnt funny to her. I went to the nurse to check on her. I may be a bad boy but she's hurt. This is I went upstairs she was awake. As soon as she saw me walk into the room she sent me a death glare.

"What do you want?" She hissed at me.

"Chill, I just came to see if you were alright." I say.

"Yea right" She scoffs.

"You know, just because I'm a bad boy doesn't mean I don't care" I say.

"Yea but you don't care about me. If you did you wouldn't have bullied me all these years. But I dont care. What about the project?" She asks.

"Well, I could go to your house after school. We could work on it for an hour everyday after school." I suggest.

"Okay, but if you brought a car your either driving us both or leaving it here because I usually walk." She says.

"Okay." I say. I walk out of the room and realized we just had a decent conversation. Wow.


We just had a decent conversation. Wow.

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